Dec 192013

Being able to take risks is essential to anyone’s success – calculated risks, yes, but still risks that people normally avoid. Risk-taking means that you’re able to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone, to do something that you aren’t comfortable doing.

And it’s not always something horrible and frightening – common “risks” that people are afraid to take are things like doing something new, changing the way we do things, or something as simple as¬†expressing ourselves in public.

Perhaps the most common reason why people hesitate to take risks is that it leaves them vulnerable to criticism, embarrassment and loss. But we can get that even if we do nothing “risky”, like going to work or getting out with our friends…

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider becoming more of a risk-taker. Just something to think about ūüėČ

1. Taking Risks Can Bring Some Unforeseen Opportunities

Some risks certainly don’t pay off, but that’s not the reason to view all risk-taking negatively. If you see that something great can happen if you try, you can choose to view the situation not as risky and dangerous, but as an opportunity for success.

Taking risks is the only way to promote growth in any area – romance or professional life, it’s how you move forward. It means taking action – and only when we take action can we expect and produce results. It doesn’t happen if we do only the things we’re sure at.

2. Risk-taking Improves Self-confidence

When you take risks, you improve your chances of success – and every success breeds confidence.

We don’t normally get much chances for success when we keep our routine, when every day is just like the one before and we can expect the same things to happen. But when we step out of our comfort zone, we get to know another world full of opportunities that we can learn to seize; and even if we fail, we will learn something ¬†that we’ll be able to use in another situation, where we will be confident because we’ll know exactly what to do.

Over time, as we learn to take risks more often, we develop a feeling for how to act and to think in unknown situations, which makes us more confident in our own abilities to judge and to act.

3. Success Won’t Fall in Your Lap

You have to pursue success. It doesn’t just happen (unless we’re extremely lucky), we have to be active and proactive about it.

We can’t ever know for sure how something will turn out, but unless we put one foot in front of the other and start on our journey we will never have the chance to see how it will turn out. As we go along, we develop trust in our intuition, we become¬†comfortable that we can think our way through – and actually execute our way through to the desired outcome. But we need to take the first step, and the next one.

As uncomfortable and frightening as it may be, risk taking is the only way we can push ourselves to see how far we can go. And more often than not, we can go much further than we thought before we started the journey.

What risk are you going to take today? Big or small – share it with us:

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