3 Simple Manifesting Tips


There is a lot to learn about the law of attraction, that’s for sure, and there are many, many different techniques that can help you reach your goals faster and easier. In this article we’re going to share some tips that are perhaps obvious, but that can be used as a shortcut to discover the most powerful truths in their most efficient and basic forms, while making manifesting much more enjoyable and fun.

1. Just Be Positive and Feel Good

Being positive means so many things at once: it means that you believe that everything will happen in a way that is best for you, it means that you’re feeling good and peaceful, that everything is, or soon will be, in its place. Your thoughts and emotions regarding everything around you are good and encouraging, you’re expecting the good things to happen, and the world just looks like a happy place to be in.

Being positive is a good thing by itself, and even more in the terms of the law of attraction: even when you’re not focused on some particular outcome, you’ll be attracting more things to feel good about. It’s that simple.

If this sounds a bit too idealistic, and if you’re thinking: “Yeah, right, it’s easy to tell someone to feel good, but I have some serious problems, how am I supposed to feel good about them?”, just take a moment and ponder on this:

It’s your emotion. It’s all you. And you can choose to feel good.

Yes. You can choose to feel good.

And if your current circumstances are really that difficult, then all you have to realize is this: you have created them some time earlier in your life; you have manifested your negative thoughts and they became your bad current situation. The only way out of that is to change the way you’re thinking and feeling.

To help you with that, we have gathered some pretty effective ways to make being positive a part of who you are, check them out!

2. Take Action Whenever You Can

When you make the shift to positive thinking, you will soon notice that you’re more outgoing and adventurous, because your energy and vitality will increase. The opportunities will start appearing, and when you start acting upon them, you’ll see that your confidence and belief are getting stronger, making you feel even better.

We have already explained in more detail how to take action and why it’s important for manifesting: things will start coming your way, and it’s then up to you to take them, as they are yours to take! Don’t dwell on whether you should or shouldn’t act – if the opportunity is aligned with your intentions, and you’re having a good feeling about it, then just do it: take the job, go to the blind date, try that new spa. There’s no place for doubt, fear and hesitation – just go forward, and keep on going forward!

3. Feel Grateful for Every Single Thing in Your Life

Last but not least: the shift that starts with feeling good and continues with you taking action needs to be completed with the feeling of gratitude. And why wouldn’t you be grateful, when everything is going just as you wanted?

Gratitude is one of the most powerful positive feelings, because it shows that you appreciate what you have. Right now, there are things that you can feel grateful for – perhaps your kids, your job, your friends. Stop for a second and think about it, and allow yourself to be grateful for them.

These things are the result of your previous, probably unconscious, positive manifesting. Now, think about how powerful a shift in your situation you’d be able to make if you felt the same way about the things that are about to happen!

Expect the good things and feel grateful for them in advance – that will confirm your belief in the law of attraction and in your own manifesting capacity, strengthening your positive attitude towards the outcomes that you’re attracting.

If that’s too much to ask right now – you know, feeling of gratitude is also something that can be practiced, something that can become an inseparable part of your life. We’re talking about it in a lot more detail in our free e-book, Simple Steps to Instant Success with the Law of Attraction, with the exercises that you can use to get closer to being positive and feeling grateful all the time.

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