Dec 182013

Your thoughts and your attitude do define your day – and your future. The energy they have shapes your reality, and we often tend to forget that. So here’s a little reminder of some things you should be saying daily – to yourself and to others. Just to keep the good vibes flowing.

1. Good Morning, Gorgeous!

This can be your morning mantra, in front of the mirror. We all need to remind ourselves of just how amazing we are – and when you start your day with this, it’ll only get better.

2. I’m So Going to Kick Today!

Whatever it is that you have to do that day, the moment you think about it feel confident that you will do it perfectly. Remove all the negative thoughts, all fears and insecurity, and put a confident smile up!

3. Give Someone a Compliment

A real one! Compliments do two things: apart from making the person you say them to feel great, they also make you realize the good in that person, which is a good thing for both of you. By sincerely complimenting someone else you can instantly become a better person, even if it’s for a moment.

4. Show Your Appreciation to Someone

People in your life may or may not know how much you appreciate them – and sometimes you don’t know that either until you stop to think about it. Every day take a moment and think about someone in your life you’re taking for granted, think about how much they mean to you and let them know. There’s no harm in repeating this with the same person (if this isn’t something you normally do, they may not understand that you’re serious if you show your appreciation to them only once).

5. Let Others Appreciate You – Learn to Say Thank You!

We often tend to “defend” against compliments and other expressions of appreciation that others try to give us – we don’t think we deserve it, so we run to modesty and say things like “oh no, it’s nothing” or “OK, now you’re just kidding”… Stop defending and when someone gives you a compliment, just accept it and say: Thank you! With a huge smile, of course.

6. This Person Loves Me

Yes, we need to be reminded of this as well. Your mom, your boyfriend, your best friend… there’s always someone in your life who truly, deeply loves you and cares for you. Remind yourself of that every day, even when these people aren’t near you. Someone somewhere loves me for me, and I know who that is! Knowing this is such a blessing – and we all should know, really know it.

7. I Am the Master Creator of This Day

This one don’t you ever forget! Each and every single one of your days, today and in the future, is in your hands and yours to make what you want of it. You are the only one who influences it, be it only with the attitude you take towards the situations and people you encounter.

Your attitude has the power to change things for the better, every day of your life – the better you feel, the more good things you’ll be noticing which will in turn give you more things to feel good about… It’s a circle, a snowball actually, and you have the power to start it, right now!

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