Dec 122013

A few days ago we got a message on our Facebook page and we were so excited about it that we wanted to share it with you all. This is a true LoA success story from Logan Smith, a young musician who discovered the LoA two years ago and had his first massive success only a few months later.

Here’s what he told us:

My name is Logan and I’ve been practicing the law of attraction for two years since I watched the move “The Secret” In just a few months of practicing, my rock band Sweet Tooth got cast in a national TV show “The Kandi Factory”, won a professional music video, a $5000 cash prize (that I previously visualized exactly to the cent!) and I recorded a professional album with one of my favorite musicians in a famous studio in Hollywood.

I know it all sounds way too good to be true, BUT IT IS! The law of attraction is working miracles!

We were so excited about his success that we wanted to hear more about it, so we did a little interview with him and asked him about his manifestation practice, the song he wrote about the power of the law of attraction and his next manifesting goals, and he gave us some great answers. Enjoy!

LOAL: Could you tell us a bit more about your manifestation practice, the one that got you the first bigger success with your band?

Logan: Like many law of attraction practitioners, it all began when I watched the movie “The Secret” I particularly liked the metaphor of Aladdin and the genie’s lamp they used. What all changed for me was what I daydreamed about – I realized for hours on end, when I was at work or school, I’d focus on the trivial, unimportant things in life. It was tough at first, but slowly I began to shift my attention towards a bright future. Everyday I’d zone out and get lost in thoughts and feel the positive vibration as much as possible!

I realized my band wasn’t achieving much because I had such an over-competitive, negative outlook. I began to consider myself a creator rather than a competitor, and that is when things began to change for me. More and more people began to compliment me on my talents, whereas before it seemed no body wanted to listen to my songs. I made a habit of visualizing for half an hour before bed every night (the most important time of the day) And when I was cast for the TV show “The Kandi Factory” and won the music video, I knew it was no coincidence. IT WORKS! 🙂

LOAL: Your song “Top of the World” carries a really positive and inspiring message. Would you sum it up as “be your own god”, or something else?

Logan: I wrote the melody of the song “Top Of The World” when I was 18 (I’m 22 now) It was one of those tunes that suddenly fell right into my mind when I was out for a walk in the forest. However it wasn’t until I became aware of the law of attraction that I penned the lyrics. In my opinion, we are technically “our own gods” when I sing “I’ve seen what it really means/to be your own god” I wrote this as a tribute and an anthem to the law of attraction, and I hope it can pry open the minds of all who listen.

It is more of a song of personal strength and persistence, because believe me, you need plenty of it in the music industry! I know somebody is going to get offended by the “be your own god” lyrics but there are no other words to describe the power of concentrated thought.

LOAL: What is your next manifesting goal? 🙂

Logan: My next manifestation will be for people to enjoy my music and share it with others! I feel like it’s only the beginning, and that’s what excites me the most – not knowing what is in store.

I want to be successful. We all do! But my mission statement and general message of my music is to enlighten my audience to the law of attraction. I hope someone will take something from my lyrics and apply it to their own lives. Making a difference to someone is more important to me than “making it big”.

And here’s Logan’s song, the one he wrote about the power of the law of attraction/positivity on his new album – it’s called “Top of the World”:

You can find Logan’s band on Facebook, and their website is here: Sweet Tooth – The Band.

If you would like to share your story with us like Logan did – please do, we’d love to share it with other LoA-ers! Just send us a message on Facebook, it’s that easy.

What do you think of Logan’s story and his music? Please leave a comment below and let us know!

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