Mar 162014

There are thousands of books and lectures on the Law of Attraction, explaining how to get into “the Zone”, how to make sure that your manifestation is successful, how to release negative thoughts and feelings, how to speed it up… And you may read and listen to every single one of them and still overlook one crucial thing:

What exactly do you want to manifest?

OK, yes, you have dreams and wishes, you know what you want – but how precise are you in that?

For example, when you want to manifest a new car; do you just focus on any new car, or do you have a specific model in mind? Getting or buying a used car would also be a new car to you; and with so many models with different characteristics the Universe can’t know exactly what you want.

And do you know why that’s important? Because the Universe doesn’t deliver the material object – it delivers what’s aligned with your vibration, with the reason behind why you want something. With the new car it could be anything: more comfort, faster drive to work, showing off, more place for children or grocery bags. Or something else.

If you are vague, in any way, the universe the universe views this as a half finished order. It won’t happen until you finish the order. Or you might end up with something that you didn’t order.

Well, it’s not the Universe’s fault.

And there’s a really, really simple solution to this:

Finally make that shopping list!

 Your mind needs something to focus on, so if you don’t focus on exactly what you want – your mind will slip and probably focus on what is lacking. Your thoughts, having nothing solid to focus on, sooner or later start replaying your current situation, making you even more aware of the fact that you don’t have it. And you know what end result it will bring…

So! If you’re hesitant to make your list (or you believe that it will take care of itself) – here’s your chance to finally change your results!

And here are some tips:

1. Start Small

If you’re just starting with this, put in your list some small things, things that you think and feel are easily attainable. For example, focus on manifesting a specific CD or a romantic dinner with your partner in a specific restaurant.

This is only for you to practice; the Universe doesn’t make a difference between what you see as big and small, but you do – and when you attain your smaller goals you will have more faith in yourself when it’s time for the bigger ones, plus you’ll have some experience.

2. Make It Measurable

If your goal isn’t something material, then  make sure that whatever it is, it’s as measurable as possible. For instance: “I am fit” is really impossible to measure, so define some steps that will lead to it and focus on manifesting them, like: “I run 30 miles a week” or “I can get in that bikini model”.

3. Don’t Delay!

Don’t make the mistake of getting attached to the list as a final draft – you will probably delay making it because you won’t be sure that it is exactly as you want it. Your list doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s ever evolving, you can always cross some items off or add the new ones. It’s your list, and you’re completely in control of it.

4. Check Each Item

When you have your list in place, take some time and check in with your feelings about each item. Play with your imagination to discover how you actually feel about each item. Imagine that you have it, that you’re there.

If there are some “so-so” items, the ones that don’t particularly excite you or some that you’re not sure about – then thunk about removing them. Don’t be surprised if you come across quite a few items that you always thought you wanted that now and which you no longer want. It’s normal, and it’s good – you’re clearing the clutter in your mind.

Ready to make your list? What will be the first item on it?


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