Jun 182014

Not everything is in the looks, but you’d feel much better if you were beautiful, right?

Beautiful people find job more easily, they are more popular and perceived as good (or better) persons. But did you know that some research say that beauty is 5% genetics (yes, only 5), 10% make up and 85% attitude? Someone once said about a famous model that “she isn’t beautiful, only she doesn’t know it”. So that supermodel believes she’s beautiful, and everyone else agrees (she’s a supermodel, for God’s sake!).

So how does one get that attitude that makes 85% of being beautiful?

Let’s start with an experiment

Before we explain how you can become really beautiful, indulge us – take your phone and take a picture of your face. Do it now, we’ll wait.

Then set the timer for 3 minutes.

For the next 3 minutes stand in front of the mirror and try to find as many flaws on your face, everything you don’t like about it, everything you don’t think is that great.

Done? Good. Now take another picture of your face.

Now set the timer for another 3 minutes (the last one, promise).

Go to the mirror again, but this time look for everything you like about your face – make pretty faces, smile, look at yourself from different angles and enjoy what you see.

Then take the last picture.

Download the pictures to your computer and compare them.

The first one will be neutral (that’s you when you have no attitude towards your looks).

The second one you’ll probably want to delete immediately – that’s you when you believe you’re… um.. ugly.

The last one you’ll like the most – that’s you when you feel beautiful. And it all happened in less than 10 minutes!

So what’s the catch?

You probably guessed it – take 5 minutes each day to play some good music and to look at yourself in the mirror, as if you’re looking at a stranger who is so beautiful that you can’t turn your eyes off of her!

It will probably seem strange at first. We’re used to looking for flaws, for things that are “wrong”, so it will be quite a challenge. But take a second look at the pictures you took: you can see the results after doing it only once. Just imagine the effects when you make it a daily ritual, when you start feeling beautiful more and more often and when it no longer feels strange, when feeling beautiful and affirming your beauty becomes natural to you…

To help you to adopt this attitude faster and more effectively, here are also some affirmations you can use when looking at your beautiful self:

I am beautiful on the inside and out.

I am a natural beauty.

I am healthy and attractive.

I know I have an attractive and beautiful body.

I enjoy being beautiful.

Feeling good about who I am is my natural rite.

If you need some more, you can find it on this page that is all about affirmations to make you feel beautiful – just pick a few that resonate with you the most, and use them! Say the words and feel them while looking at yourself – and believe us, the change will be noticeable to everyone around you in a matter of days!

5 minutes a day! Can you spare them to feel really, really good about yourself?

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