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This is possibly the heart of our site. It contains key information to take you from beginner to expert by explaining what the law of attraction is and the core principles governing it, which you need to consider each of to experience successful manifesting.

If you’re new to the law of attraction concept, just follow the links below in the order in which they’re given – they lead to the articles meant to help you understand how manifesting works and what you have to do to be successful in it. We will be adding more articles here, so you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about it and read them as they come.

Some Basics

What Is the Law of Attraction: The law of attraction explained in simple words, without any hype and spin: what it is, how it works, the underlying concept behind it, scientific explanations etc. This is the base article for those who are completely new to manifesting.

Law of Attraction Success Stories: Stories of and about the people who have been using the principles of LoA to change their lives for the better. This stories and videos will inspire you to be persistent and help you achieve your own success – and perhaps to share your own LoA success story with us!

How Manifestation Works: The actual explanation of how the LoA works, along with some tools that will help you to focus your energy and your thoughts, and what some authors introduced in “The Secret” movie say about the way this universal law works and how you can use its power.

History of the Law of Attraction: The idea that we attract to our lives that what we think of is present in every major religion in some form. The term “law of attraction” was first used in 19th century, and the different authors have expanded on it since, some of which have established their schools of thought followed by many.

Key Principles

How to Get Started with the Law of Attraction: This is your first step in learning how to manifest. This page offers some crucial advice for  those new to LoA – to take it seriously and to be persistent.

Know: Understanding how the LoA works is the first prerequisite for successful manifesting. People often get all hyped about the possibilities that the LoA opens them up to, but they neglect to research it deeper and learn how it works. This article explains why it’s not as simple as making a wish – but it can be, with time and persistence.

Focus: Learning how to focus your thoughts and your emotions is the second step – this article explains why you should focus on manifesting one thing at a time, start with smaller goals and go bigger, and why and how to focus your mind intensively on the goal ahead of you.

Act: Taking action is a vital step, and the one that most people neglect. In this article you will find the explanation of why it’s important that you act when you see that you’ve successfully attracted the desired change into your life. You will also find several examples of how taking action makes the difference between what you want and what you’ll get, that will help you better understand what exactly is your own role in creating your dream life.

Believe: Finally, you have to believe that the law of attraction works, and that you’re able to make it work in your favor. Believing in the desired outcome will fuel your thought and emotions with the power that is capable of bending the Universe and aligning it with your desires – this article explains the principle behind it and offers tips for increasing belief that you can easily follow.

Further Reading

Law of Attraction Quotes: Quotes from different authors and successful LoAers that will help you stay motivated.

Pursuing Every Opportunity: Most people easily understand how the law of attraction works, but many fail to recognize the opportunity that they’ve attracted, and neglect to take action to bring their manifestation to life. We have here a few examples for you, so that you can better understand in what forms the opportunity that you’ve attracted can present itself.

Negative Thoughts Manifest Too!: Be cautious about negative thoughts – they have influence too and you might find yourself manifesting more negative situations for yourself. This article also gives a few ways to overcome self sabotage and think positively to manifest positively.

Some Powerful Law of Attraction Tools: Tools that will help you achieve the state of mind that will help you better focus your thoughts, and to align them with your emotions for more successful manifesting.

Align Your Thoughts and Your Emotions: There’s a reason why we insist so much on this website on attaching positive emotions to your thoughts when you’re manifesting: if the thoughts are the formulation of your desire, the emotions give them context. And you don’t want your positive thoughts to be wrapped in a negative context, do you? 🙂

Difference Between the Law of Attraction and Making a Wish: for some it’s obvious, for others it isn’t. There isn’t an exact line that separates the two, but if you’re in doubt, check the article.

3 Simple Manifesting Tips – three tips that you can use as a shortcut to your manifesting success 🙂

Common Mistakes in Practicing the Law of Attraction – are you making any of them?

Manifesting Explained in 10 Points: the Essentials – the law of attraction in short and to-the-point. You can’t use this as your overall guide for manifesting, but it will sure help to remind you of some major points. You can print out this page, or bookmark it on your computer.

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