Mar 092014

Do you think that hard work will make you rich? It won’t. Well, it might – but there’s a shortcut to becoming really wealthy, and it’s much more fun than just hard work: develop a millionaire mindset!

Truly rich people, those who are wealthy because they feel wealthy share some traits that make them successful, and if you want to become one of them you better learn to think the same way. To do that you have to train your brain – it has to think differently than it does now (you’re not a millionaire now, are you?), and here are some tips to get you there faster.

1. Pay Attention to the Words You’re Using

Do you often use words like “won’t”, “can’t” or “never”? And how often do you think you use them to describe something related to you, or something that you want?

If you pay attention to what you’re saying, you’ll probably notice that you use these words more often than you think.

When you talk about some successful people with your friends, do you find yourself saying (or thinking) “He/she is so great, I wish I could do that, but I’ll never be that smart/confident/brave/capable…?”

When you see a beautiful dress at the mall, do you think to yourself: “Wow this one is soooo beautiful, I’d look fantastic in it but I can’t afford it?”

Words like these are debilitating – they influence your mind and program it so that it really believes what you say or think. So the first thing you have to do is to pinpoint the words like these that you use often, and to train your mind to substitute them with something else.

For example, instead of saying: “I’ll never have that” say “I’ll work on getting that.” Can you feel the difference? With the first statement you have sentenced yourself to not having; with the second one you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of having.

And you know what you’ll actually be doing? You’ll be training your mind to believe that everything is possible. But that’s only the beginning – you still have to deal with your negative and limiting beliefs about wealth and money.

2. What’s Stopping You?

As we (hopefully) know, our thoughts create our reality. If it’s your reality that you’re NOT a millionaire – and you want to be one – then there has to be something in your thoughts and beliefs that’s stopping you.

There’s a simple exercise that you can use to discover what that is – ask yourself this:

If I allow myself to be wealthy I will have to deal with these negative consequences and judgments: ______________________________________________________

– fill the blank with everything that you can think of. This is pretty important, so take your time.

It’s best to take a piece of paper and to write down everything that comes up. That way you’ll have a much better picture of what it is you’re dealing with.

So now you know. And probably most of what you wrote now seems silly or irrational, so a big chunk of it will lose its power just by you becoming aware of it. And you’re ready for the next step.

The third step isn’t to deal with what’s left, if that’s what you thought 🙂

3. Create New Beliefs

Now it’s time to do something more fun. Let the negative thoughts be, don’t give them more power by dwelling on them. Instead wonder this:

What belief would make it easy and fun to be a wealthy person? ____________________________

Think about all the advantages of being wealthy, but those that would make you feel good on an intimate level (not the stuff you’d be able to buy and similar); think about what about being wealthy would make you happy and calm. For example, it’d give you more time to spend with your loved ones, you’d be able to make them feel secure and carefree, you’d be free to travel wherever you want whenever you want…

In other words, think about why you really want to be wealthy.

Now, just for fun, take a look at the first list if you want (you don’t have to – it’s just to show you how completely insignificant all those other things are when compared to what you really want).

The final step is to…

4. Reinforce the New Beliefs

With this method you don’t even have to work on exterminating your old beliefs because the new ones are so exciting that you naturally focus on them – but just in case they appear (well, everyday life can be challenging) just remind yourself to say: Stop! This isn’t who I am anymore and shift to the internal benefits that being wealthy will bring you.

This step is all about focusing your thoughts to what you wrote in the Step #3. Use whatever focusing method works best for you – visualization, guided meditation,, affirmations, hypnosis… whatever works.

You will discover that this kind of manifesting is much easier and more enjoyable than trying to manifest money – you can’t intimately relate to money, but you can relate to what having A LOT of money would make you feel. You’ll also notice that you’re driven to think about it even when you’re not consciously focused on it – and you know how that will affect your results 🙂

What do you think about these steps, simple enough? 🙂

If you think you could use them, someone else could probably also use them too – so share this with your loved ones, help them manifest their wealth too!

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