Mar 242014

True story about a waitress working in a small town, not even making minimum wage, divorced. One in thousands.

One day she was talking to a random customer about her life. A casual talk, one in thousands. She mentions that her family is from Italy, that she’s got 8 years of art education but working as a waitress. She also said that she’d love to see Florence, where her folks are from, but that she had no way of actually doing it.

She’s stuck in a small town she’s not from. Again, one in thousands.

15 minutes after their talk the guy left. He told her to take care. When she came to his table this was waiting for her there:

The big question: is who covered the 42 cents? 🙂

And the point: she thought she was one in thousands, but she got her miracle! You’re never just one in thousands! So be realistic, expect miracles and let them find you!

Are you ready to let your miracle happen? 🙂

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