Feb 102014

Do you get excited when you hear about some famous people who use the Law of Attraction? Well, I do – and there are so many of them, real celebrities who talk about it in public, who share their thoughts and stories, and some of them are really inspiring!

Obviously it had worked for them – they have created the fame and fortune practically out of nothing. And it’s great that they talk about it – some people who use and practice the Law of Attraction are too shy to tell anyone about that. These people might inspire them to be more brave šŸ™‚

Will Smith

Will Smith is so enthusiastic about the Law of Attraction that you simply can’t resist his smile. Take a look:


Oprah has been talking about the LoA for years, she even promoted some of the authors (like Eckhart Tolle) in her show.

In this interview she gave to Larry King, she talks about how the Law of Attraction has worked for her way beforeĀ her fame and fortune ā€“ backĀ in 1984, when she used it to attract her movie role inĀ The Color Purple:

Jim Carrey

Do you know the story about Jim Carrey and his check?

Back in 1990, when he was a struggling young comic trying to make it in LA, one night, dreaming about his future, he wrote himself a check for $10 million “for acting services rendered”. He was broke at the time. The check stayed in his pocket until it deteriorated.

He dated the check for Tanksgiving 1995. By that timeĀ his per film fee escalated to $20 million.

Here’s Jim Carrey talking about being present in the Now (a short video):


Uncle and nephew who make this rapper duo share their story in the video below – pretty cool:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yeah, him too! In this video he talks about his journey from Mr. Olympia, to Mr. Universe, to Actor, and finally, to Governor, about the role of vision and visualization, and the power of our mind. He shares this great sentence:

If you don’t see it and if you don’t believe it, then who else will?

Do you know of any other famous people who use the Law of Attraction?

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