Sep 172013

Tired of clipping images from magazines? Creating a vision board is a fun adventure that you can do on your computer as well – the purpose of a vision board is to help you focus on what you want to manifest, and if you’re more of a digital type, then an online vision board will work just as fine as a physical one.

An online vision board is easier to update if you want to change, add or remove something from it, and quotes, images, etc. are at your fingertips for fast assembly and be changed so easily. Besides, even if it’s a digital board software that you have to download to your computer in order to work with it, you can later upload the image of your vision board anywhere you want – to your blog or Facebook, for example, and you can then carry your vision board anywhere you go if you have a cell phone with internet access.

We present some of the best free online vision boards to help you with your manifesting:

1. O Vision Board is a tool you’d expect from Oprah Winfrey to offer. You have to register/log in to her site to get started, and then you can upload photos from your computer and write quotes as you wish, make all the changes you want and share it with your friends on social networks. NOTE: The software works well on PC, but only in Firefox on a Mac.

2. Map Our Lives is a dream board and goal setting portal. With MOL you can create a classic vision board, but also a happy board which represents the things which make you feel happy in life, to lift your spirits and make you feel more positive about achieving your goals. They also have a unique display format: you can upload images to your vision board and your happy board, and Map Our Lives will then “automatically create you a browser homepage which shows you these images every time you go online”.

3. Vision Board Site offers, as they claim, the only online complete tool to create, track & share your vision board. You get: private online workspace, a step-by-step guide, a library of impacting images and affirmations, music, progress tracking tools and 5 “mini-show” vision boards. There’s no software to download, it’s all online. They also allow you to share your vision boards with friends and family online.

4. UBoodle offers a full digital law of attraction service. The free tools include: online vision board, a wishlist, a gratitude list, user community with connections, personal blogs, an online forum on the Secret, the power or positive thinking and other topics, give back capabilities, your own Personal Genie… Their vision board creates a slideshow of pictures that you upload from your computer, and others can’t see them.

5. Digital Dreamboard is another free vision board maker that requires you only to register. The process is pretty simple: upload the images from your computer, then drag&drop them to your vision board as you like. You can also add text (the text editing toolbox allows you to change the text itself, the font, size and color).

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