Happy for No Reason


Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out (2008) by Marci Shimoff  is a practical guide to being happy, helping you build your “happiness home” on the foundation of positive psychology.


Studies show that each of us has a happiness set-point: a fixed range of happiness we tend to return to throughout our life that’s approximately 50-percent genetic and 50-percent learned, and, just like we can adjust a thermostat, we can actually reprogram our happiness set-point to a higher level of peace and well-being.

The author reveals how to abide by seven “happiness laws” and establish “21 happiness habits” to raise our level of joy. She has combined her own methods to living a truly happy and fulfilling life, with supporting scientific findings, and the wisdom and advice of a group of individuals she calls, “The Happy 100.”

The book, which is 287 pages, and consists of 10 chapters, opens with Part I, a straightforward explanation of what exactly it means to be “Happy for No Reason,” and then moves into Part II, which explains how to live a life of happiness that doesn’t depend on achievements, goals, money, relationships, or anything else “out there”.

The author explains that there are seven aspects to be happy:

  1. Take ownership of your happiness
  2. Don’t believe everything you think
  3. Let love lead
  4. Make your cells happy
  5. Plug yourself to spirit
  6. Live a life inspired by purpose
  7. Cultivate nourishing relationships

She believes that being “happy for no reason” is our natural state of being, and helps the reader to unlearn some of the happiness-killer habits, such as over-thinking or victim mentality.

Among other insights and advice, you will learn that getting eight hours of sleep following the Ayurvedic wisdom that “getting an hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep after midnight” is a simple way to stay balanced and to get your life in order; or the Solution Focus Technique, where you think of a situation you’ve been complaining about and rate how you feel about it from 1 to 10.  If you didn’t score a 1 then you need to write down those reasons about why you didn’t score it lower – and you will be surprised to learn that even your most frustrating situations are probably at least a 2 or 3 (so, not that bad after all), and then to think of a small step you could take to raise your satisfaction by even 1 point, and to take action.


Foreword by Jack Canfield

Introduction: Welcome to a Happier Life!

Chapter 1: Happy for No Reason . . . Really?

Chapter 2: Practicing Happiness


Chapter 3: The Foundation—Take Ownership of Your Happiness

  • Focus on the Solution
  • Look for the Lesson and the Gift
  • Make Peace with Yourself

Chapter 4: The Pillar of the Mind—Don’t Believe Everything You Think

  • Question Your Thoughts
  • Go Beyond the Mind and Let Go
  • Incline Your Mind Toward Joy

Chapter 5: The Pillar of the Heart—Let Love Lead

  • Focus on Gratitude
  • Practice Forgiveness
  • Spread Lovingkindness

Chapter 6: The Pillar of the Body—Make Your Cells Happy

  • Nourish Your Body
  • Energize Your Body
  • Tune In to Your Body’s Wisdom

Chapter 7: The Pillar of the Soul—Plug Yourself In to Spirit

  • Invite Connection to Your Higher Power
  • Listen to Your Inner Voice
  • Trust Life’s Unfolding

Chapter 8: The Roof—Live a Life Inspired by Purpose

  • Find Your Passion
  • Follow the Inspiration of the Moment
  • Contribute to Something Greater Than Yourself

Chapter 9: The Garden—Cultivate Nourishing Relationships

  • Tend to Your Relationships
  • Surround Yourself with Support
  • See the World as Your Family 


Chapter 10: The Happy for No Reason Plan for Life

Readers Reviews


This is almost the book I wish I’d written – it distills the best of the happiness research into easy-to-use steps, illustrated with inspiring stories of how very happy people have surmounted personal tragedies using these happiness processes and habits. It offers three guiding principles to overcome common blocks to happiness and a seven-step programme to become “Happy for No Reason”.

Kristal Cooper:

I truly believe that ANYone with ANY level of happiness could read this book and end up a genuinely happier person. The author gives a couple dozen techiniques for making small paradigm shifts that will very casually lighten your load and outlook. If you do all of the exercises with a different issue in mind for each, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your heart and soul when you finally close the book.

Michael Laughrin:

This book, Happy for No Reason, is the most inspiring book I have read in many years. Only great spiritual classics like the Bible and the Bhagavad-Gita have inspired me more. It is a brilliant compilation of techniques and true life stories of people who have lifted themselves up by the bootstraps. It is the brightest star in the firmament of modern self-help books.

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