How Hypnosis Can Improve Your Visualization Skills


Visualization is a core manifesting tool: when the image is so powerful that you can feel all of your other senses being included, the focus on that visualization can be so strong, and it can evoke so powerful feelings that the law of attraction is set in motion immediately.

We have talked about visualization and manifesting and we have mentioned some techniques that you can use to add even more power to your visualizations. But we haven’t yet discussed the fact that some people find visualizing difficult to do – if you’re one of them, this article can help you overcome this obstacle.

Some Common Problems with Visualizations

A successful visualization should be in color, 3D, moving; you should be able to feel the smells and the touch, and to maintain it for long. Some people however can’t focus enough, or can’t bring themselves to make a visualization realistic – and the whole point of it is to make visualization look realistic, so that your brain believes it’s real (we talk about this in the article How to visualize).

The common problems with visualizations include:

  • visualizing in black and white
  • “foggy” or limited visualizations
  • visualizing without a moving image
  • visualizing in 2D (as a photograph, not as something that’s happening around you)
  • inability to include other senses (sound, touch, taste and smell)
  • inability to maintain visualization for long
  • appearance of unwanted thoughts and images (see our article about negative beliefs that are stored deep inside your subconscious, popping up when you least expect them)
  • quickly being distracted

Now, as visualization is a product of your own mind, and you are unable to make it work the way you want, then the problem is, obviously, somewhere in your subconscious. That’s where hypnosis (and other kinds of subliminal programming, of course) can help!

If you haven’t yet, please read our article about how hypnosis works to understand the process better – but essentially, hypnosis can help you to create mental images of your goals so you can be more aware of what you have to do and the best way to get it done.

How Exactly You Can Benefit from Using Hypnosis to Improve Your Visualization Skills

Hypnosis uses subliminal messages to stimulate changes in the way you think so you can be more focused on what you want to accomplish most. It can show you how to visualize your goals correctly, so that you can be more driven to take action.

Having a clear picture in your mind of where you are going will also allow you to move forward confidently and efficiently, and there are hypnosis programs created to help you achieve exactly that. Hypnotic suggestions that a therapists gives you are formulated in such a way that they guide you through visualizations without you feeling any effort – which is what most people struggle with: constant effort to maintain the scenario they chose distracts them from the visualization itself.

While you’re in that deeply relaxed state in which hypnosis works best, positive suggestions allow your mind to release the negativity and to focus on the image that you want to make real; this way, you could easily create the most vivid images you’ve ever created – and your brain will believe they’re real!

Only, visualization, just like any other skill, needs to be developed and practiced if you want to master it, so although you will probably feel the change right after the first session, you should continue and train your mind to create more and more realistic images – until you reach the point where visualization comes to you naturally, without any effort. The good news is that the changes that hypnotic suggestions make within your subconscious are lasting, and that 5-8 sessions are enough for the most of us to achieve that.

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