Nov 222013

Although the idea that we will get anything we truly want is encouraging and comforting, the back end of that same idea states that at some point in the past we have attracted everything which right now exists in our reality.

And sometimes we’re really unhappy with our reality. Sometimes, hearing that the Law of Attraction delivers exactly what we asked for is just unacceptable.

But it’s true.

We Know, You Never Asked for a Boyfriend Who Would Cheat on You…

You never asked for a dead end job; you never asked for the debt you’re in; you never asked for a girl who would leave you for her best friend.

But actually… you did.

You know how, when you were a kid, you wanted a bicycle for your 5th birthday and you got a visit to the circus instead (or insert your own childhood memory of an unfulfilled desire)?

What did that bicycle mean to you? If you didn’t have one before, you couldn’t have possibly known that it was the bicycle you wanted. You probably saw some other kids riding them and they looked so cool, so you wanted to look cool, or just to try something new – but not the bicycle. The bicycle was the representation of coolness, which you could have gotten in another way.

Now imagine that you did get the bicycle. The second day you fell off it (you weren’t wearing a helmet of course) and you hit your head really hard.

You weren’t asking to hit your head, but you did anyway. Why?

You see, the bicycle wasn’t the true match for your vibration – you thought it was, and that’s another thing. You wanted to look cool. But the first day you sat on it you saw that it wasn’t that easy to ride it, and it didn’t look so cool, so you lost the initial interest, unconsciously getting that it wasn’t what would fulfill your desire after all.

So no, you weren’t asking to hit your head, but you weren’t enjoying the ride at all; you got what you wanted, but it turned out that it wasn’t what you wanted – you and the bicycle weren’t a vibrational match anymore.

You never asked for a boyfriend who would cheat on you – no one would ask that; but you might have asked for a cool boyfriend, and, as you got to know him closer you saw that what you thought was cool about him wasn’t that cool, making him incompatible with your vibration (which has changed in the meantime) and giving him the exit from your life through another girl.

You never asked for a dead end job, but a few years ago you believed that getting a job  would be great – and remember, it was great at first, until you realized that it’s not what you truly wanted.

The Takeaway

Sorry to break it to you folks, but everything that exists in your reality was attracted by you at one point in your life. The thing is, we rarely know exactly what we want, and we mistakenly grab onto what we think we want.

The good thing is that, as we keep attracting the wrong things, we become better in recognizing the value we see in them, and we gradually start attracting more of the value – which is great news, because that is the true desire of our being. When we’re a true vibrational match with what we want, it’s so fulfilling and beautiful that we don’t need to change our vibration again – because then we’re aligned with who we truly are.

So for everything that you don’t like in your life right now, ask yourself this: what did you really want before you got stuck with this? What value did you give to your current partner, job, house that got you in debt?

And then try to discover the reason why you’re so stubbornly holding on to it now 😉

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