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Manifesting is usually related to some personal issues: attracting a romantic partner, manifesting a happier life, some sorts of relations that will allow us to have abundance in our life, or attracting some specific objects or amounts of money. Not many people however talk about manifesting in business – and it can have amazing impact on business.

A Designer’s Story

Kiran Rai, founder of Sir Alistair Rai, a company designing and selling Indian inspired scarves, jewelry and accessories, talks about how she used the law of attraction to manifest success in her life and in business: she started as a girl with a dream and a love of fashion who spent countless hours sketching, staring out the window, wishing it would happen – and then she got tired of wishing, and started pretending like it already happened: she started practicing introducing herself by her new job title, imagining what her office space would look like, picturing her new commute route; she worked hard, but she had a goal and a clear image of her being successful in her business. And she made it.

Later, as her business grew, she expanded her manifesting: she used creative visualization to assemble a team of employees who have created a symbiotic relationship with her, and with each other; as for the retail stores she spent years courting, after manifesting that her line was carried there, their buyers started calling seasonally; the stylists she used to dream of working with are today ordering regularly.

But she also says:

I’m not suggesting that you surrender your business degree and let the fates decide the future of your company. Good sense, hard work and a lot of luck play equally crucial roles in successful business. But if manifesting is free, harmless and it brings good things your way… why not give it a try?

LOA Working for the Real Estate Agents

Maya Bailey, a business coach, describes how she used the law of attraction in coaching real estate agents to double and triple their incomes. Before she introduced it to her clients, she wanted to see if it could work for her – and it did: she started getting immediate results, significant increase in income and in clients, but most importantly for her, she was attracting the kind of clients she really wanted to work with, her “ideal clients”.

When she introduced the practice to the real estate clients she was coaching, she saw mixed results: for those who were eager to learn about the law of attraction (about half of her clients), introduction to this new practice worked wonders, and their business skyrocketed. For the other half, nothing happened.

having a background in psychology, she soon discovered that the other half was carrying limiting self-beliefs, such as:

  • I don’t deserve to be successful
  • I don’t have what it takes to succeed
  • Marketing is not for me
  • There is never enough money to go around
  • Real estate is too competitive for me.

According to her, once she coached them to release these limiting beliefs, the law of attraction worked like a charm!

How to Apply the LOA to Your Business

Even if you don’t want, or don’t have the time to dive deep into the spirituality, you can apply some pretty simple steps that will get results quickly enough:

  1. Think about what you want, and be clear about it. Write what you want on a piece of paper (or on your computer)
  2. Imagine – visualize – yourself having what you want, one goal at a time, include vivid details to your visualization and, at the same time, feel what it would feel like to have what you want. Add a strong positive emotion to each of your visualizations.
  3. Get all of your limiting self-beliefs out to the open, and clear them.
  4. Take action! Start noticing opportunities and acting according to them, work on expanding your business, but always keep in mind the end goal – as it has happened.
  5. Whatever happens, believe that you will make it – every obstacle is only an opportunity to learn and to grow, in business and as a person.

In every business today, your mindset is the key to your success. Using the law of attraction will only help you get there faster, and with more fun. As Kiran Rai said, it’s free and harmless – and it will certainly make you feel good about yourself!

Have you tried to use manifesting for business success? Tell us about it!

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