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The law of attraction concept isn’t new, it has existed and has been practiced for centuries, although not always under that name. In the recent decades it’s been popularized by many New Age authors as a way to change our circumstances by positive thoughts and inspired action. What’s new however is the increasingly widespread use of this natural law to deal with life-destroying habits like alcohol and drug addiction – and we’ll now see how it actually can help.

What the LOA Has to Do with Addiction?

As we have explained many times, this universal law works by bringing into our reality the things we focus on the most.

As like attracts like, addicts, as their thoughts are focused on alcohol, drugs, food or something else, will manifest more of that in their lives. That creates an enchanted circle from which they can’t escape without changing their thoughts; but, as their thoughts are those related to their addiction, or to the shame and guilt because they can’t get out of it, they have a hard time turning them to a more positive direction.

Even when you resist something, you are focusing your attention on it – and the emotion that it evokes is a negative one (because you don’t want to think about it), so, for example, if you resist alcohol and are often thinking about how bad it is, more experiences will show up that let you know how bad alcohol is – but the alcohol will still be in your reality, and the experiences that point out how bad it is will only make you feel really, really bad about yourself.

How the LOA Is Used in Fighting an Addiction

Sherry Gabba, a psychotherapist and life & recovery coach, is also the author of the book The Law of Sobriety in which she explains how you can use the law of attraction to recover from any addiction. She says that all addiction recovery can be enhanced by understanding just how important thoughts are in changing behavior.

Food addiction, for example, often gives people huge amounts of guilt, fear and shame because of their eating patterns and their health – they see themselves as overweight, unhealthy and having low levels of will power and self-control. That makes their mental picture of themselves based on negativity, and their internal dialogue only enhances that negative patterns, making them create the reality in which they don’t lose weight – they don’t stay on diets, they stop exercising, and they have a hard time finding someone to share their life with.

So for starters, they need to use the law of attraction and their positive energy to bring things into their life that will support their weight loss and lifestyle changes, instead of looping the negative movie in their mind.

MaryEllen O’Brien explains how an alcoholic, a drug addict, a gambling addict, or any other kind of addiction — is absolutely focused on LACK when in the grip of addiction: “The bottle is getting near empty and there won’t be any more! The drugs may run out! The gambler fears running out of money to bet, and the food addict hordes food under the bed in case the food in the fridge runs out.”

This focusing on the lack brings more lack, fear and anxiety in their lives, making them insecure and unwilling to proceed on the rehabilitation course. That’s why the therapy takes a different approach:

In recovery, the person is brought around to seeing what they have: they have their life, number one; and health in recovery — a life able to be rebuilt. (…) once the focus is changed, and new life, not lack, is the focus — it’s amazing how an alcoholic will no longer attract other addicts. In fact, they’re no longer very interesting or attractive at all to people in the grip of addictions or codependency. Instead, they’re attracting some really, well, attractive people, places and things. Law of Attraction in action.

The two authors above are only a few of those who believe that the law of attraction provides some valuable insight into both the nature of addiction, and the pathway out it, by having a mind focused more on what we have instead of what we don’t have, letting us gradually love ourselves more and doing the right thing from a place of love and appreciation for life.

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