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Many people interested in the law of attraction wonder how it explains death, and how much control we have over it. Well, not all of life is a bed of roses, and everyone should be aware of that – practicing manifestation doesn’t guarantee that you will be happy all the time, or that you’ll never die. But let’s take a look into how the law of attraction explains death, and what you could to to make that experience more… peaceful.

Do You Attract Death?

According to the law of attraction – yes, you do. Just like you attract all of your experiences, you attract this one as well. That doesn’t mean that you sit around all day focusing on your death (you probably don’t do that); but to have any experience, you have to be in the vibrational range of that experience – and death is no different.

Now, this all depends on how you perceive death. If, like most people, you grew up believing – and, of course, you still do – that death is an unavoidable ending of us all, then, even if you’re not consciously thinking about it, the idea that you will face it sooner or later, just like everyone else does, exists in your subconscious as a deep belief. So it’s your subconscious that “attracts” death even when you aren’t.

And perhaps Abraham have explained it in the most detail: to be a vibrational match to something, you have to choose it through the essence of what you are thinking; you might not be specifically thinking about the death experience when it happens, but you would definitely be a match to whatever leads to it.

Abraham even say that all death is suicide, in the sense that yes, it is an experience that is attracted; but, as they see us as a physical extension of the higher energy beings, they also say:

There is never an ending to the Consciousness of You, so really there is no “death.” But there will come an end to the time that your Consciousness will flow through this particular physical body that you identify as you.

In the video below Abraham explains how the law of attraction could work in cases like tsunami or other disasters, and other death-related questions:

How to Reconcile the Law of Attraction and Death

If you see death as this unavoidable, painful or unwanted experience of “the end”, then of course there will be anxiety in any question or discussion about it, in any thought you unwillingly send down that path. But every major religion is in agreement with the law of attraction on this point (at least in the broad sense): we chose to be here for a time, to inhabit a shell and then discard it when our job is done; and maybe even come back (reincarnation).

So why should you focus on death anyway? With so much in life to be happy about and to enjoy in, why would you want to accelerate the end of these wonderful experiences, or to miss them by not paying attention?

The law of attraction is here to help you experience the good things in life – and the bad ones, if you feel that you need those experiences to grow; at one point, your conscious or unconscious self will make a decision to go. Make your peace with it, and enjoy every day in the meantime. The energy that makes your essence, the spirit or whatever you call it – it will continue to live, they can’t be destroyed, so there’s no reason to fear the ending, or to try to avoid it – remember, what you resist will persist, and will only make you feel worse.

Instead, focus on how you want to feel – and choose to feel good in the meantime 🙂 You surely don’t want to go away with a  fistful of regrets, and that’s something that you can influence, right now!

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