Oct 222013

If you’ve been thinking about making a career change, perhaps this blog post is what you have manifested 🙂 Have you ever thought about becoming a LoA coach?

Do You Have What It Takes?

If you’re successful at manifesting things in your own life and if you’re good at spotting where people make mistakes and explaining them what they should do – then you probably have all the prerequisites.

People won’t trust you if you’re not already a success yourself, so it’s not a wise thing to start offering coaching to others if you have nothing to show for yourself. But success is a different thing to different people: it doesn’t have to be about money and career (although it’s the first thing that comes to mind) – if you have achieved peace in your life and you know how to help others to have more harmonious relationships, you still have what it takes.

Now, this is perhaps stating the obvious, but before you get all excited about the idea, think about why you would be doing this: if the primary reason is so you can get recognized as someone worth something – don’t do it; it’s an egoistical reason that will prevent you from being the best possible help to others.

How to Become One

There are two ways you can become a LoA coach:

  1. by becoming one by yourself, or
  2. by getting training and certificate from one of many programs that offer it.

The first option is a bit more complicated. You have to have it all figured out: a manifesting system that will work every time for every person who puts the effort and the precise steps on how to teach it – and if you haven’t worked as a teacher / coach before, this may prove to be quite a challenge.

When you have it all in place, you will need to find the clients. That requires some knowledge in personal marketing, getting testimonials (you can start with your friends and family), networking… but it’s the same for the second option as well (getting trained by someone), so there’s no way around it – and besides, if you’re a really good coach, people will soon hear about you and start recommending you to each other.

The benefits of this approach are that you don’t need to invest money in getting a certificate and that you can create your training course the way you think is best: you can work with people individually or in groups, you can use a specific visualization technique that you’ve perfected (for example), and you have full freedom to decide how you will run your class.

The second option is easier in that you will be guided by the hand, you will be given the exact steps to follow when teaching others (depending on the course you choose) and some of the courses even provide training in marketing (i.e. the “how to get the clients” part). Apart from that, there are many courses (you can easily find them online) and mentors whose names alone will give you credibility (guys like Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and Brian Tracy, and there are several LoA associations who also provide this kind of training).

The benefits of this approach are stated above (mainly less thinking and planning on your part, and more or less instant credibility), but you should be aware that these courses usually cost nice money. We can’t recommend any particular course, but when you search for them, be sure to see what other people say about them, people who have already finished their training.

And, from the mouth (keyboard) of an already successful LoA coach:

There cannot be too many Law of Attraction Teachers or Coaches. We are really just a drop in the bucket when you think about how many people are walking around on this planet. With all of us that are out there sharing this information we don’t even reach the smallest drop in the bucket of people out there.

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