Mar 152014

To get from where you are to where you want to be you need to change something, right? It’s common sense – and still, when it comes to actually creating change, you freak out or hesitate. The most common problem seems to be how to change in your mind what you think is impossible to achievable – and that’s something you simply have to do if you want to move forward. You know, the principle of Belief 🙂

You need to be ready to change, to accept the transformation within yourself in order to transcend fear.

And fear comes where you’d least expect it: you may be trying to manifest some sort of business success but fearing what would happen next when you do. Until you accept that this change within you is necessary, you simply won’t be able to manifest it – because you aren’t allowing it. Your subconscious, that is – but it’s still you. A huge part of you.

So let’s deal with it today. Let’s try to remove fear of “what happens next” and welcome and embrace change.

Change is Natural and You Have Already Experienced It So Many Times

Everything has to change in order to grow – and that includes you too. You have already gone through so many transformations in your life – the only difference now is that you’re aware of the change you want to make.

Think about what kind of person you were when you were a teenager. Or you don’t even have to go that far – your way of thinking and your attitude towards life, other people and yourself are probably a lot different today than they were two years ago, or even last year.

Think about that for a moment.

Now you can probably realize that most of the transformations you’ve undergone so far were out of your hands – that they simply happened; you probably didn’t know that they’d happen before long after they did (perhaps until this very moment) and you weren’t aware of them while they were happening.

But you survived, right? 🙂

And now, it’s about a change you consciously want to make. You’re in a much better position now, don’t you realize that? You know where you want to get, and you’ll be able to control every stage of the process – you’re way ahead of the game just by knowing what your goal is.

And that should be enough to keep you fearless. The path… you simply haven’t walked down it before, but you know where it leads. So take it! Nothing bad can happen – it will all be just learning experiences.

Embracing Change Keeps You Focused and Motivated

Just like every situation in the past, the change ahead of you has the seed of a greater transformation for you. Can your realize now how much you have grown thanks to these processes in the past? It will be no different with this one.

The only difference is that you’ll know exactly where you’re going. And you have two choices: to continue fearing what could happen when you get there (bad for manifesting!) or to think about why you want it, what is your intimate reason for wanting it (see our post about creating a wealth mindset – but you can apply it on every situation that bugs you).

So look at the change from that perspective: why do you want to get there? Nothing else matters. When you focus on what in it matters to you on an intimate level, everything else becomes less important.

And you begin to think only about how you to get there; when there are no more fears but only the desire, that desire keeps you going. You’re then able to jump over any obstacle, to think outside the box to find a solution to a problem you can’t even imagine now.

Or the doors will just keep opening in front of you. You don’t know until you try.

When you look at it this way, change takes care of itself – and in your best interest.

So how about it? Ready to make that huge change in your way of thinking and in your life?

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