Nov 122013

You know how sometimes you just wake up happy, after having a great dream or with no reason at all, and everything seems just the way it’s supposed to be? And when you start your day like that chances are that it will continue to be good. You know what I’m talking about, right?

How about making each day a great day, right from the start?

What’s your usual morning routine? Probably something like this: you jump off the bed half awake, take a quick shower thinking about all the things you have to do that day or processing something that happened the day before, take a quick breakfast or coffee and sit in front of the computer or go to work.

Most of us do the same. And most of us, from the moment we wake up, get caught up in the web of thoughts, impressions, actions, and feelings unrelated to what’s happening right now and we forget to find the time to listen to ourselves during the day.

Now’s the time to change that.

Morning Routine for a Guaranteed Good Day

Instead of jumping out of bed the minute you wake up, would you care to try something different, just for a couple days?

1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier

Wake up and stay in bed. This is your time, when you’re not fully awake and you’re still connected to your unconscious. We get close to it while we sleep, the Theta brain stage is on the border of the unconscious and the moment right after waking up is the closest we get to it during the day.

When you’re close to this brain state you’re in a better position to influence your subconscious with much less effort.

2. Meditate for 5 minutes in your bed

You’re still sleepy, so you don’t have to do anything difficult – just focus on your breathing, inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth and try to stay present while breathing. Whatever thoughts come to your mind, notice them and let them pass, return your focus to breathing.

This simple meditation technique will help your mind become fully awake and your body will follow. Your thoughts will be focused on the present moment, on where you are and what you’re doing now.

This alone will help you to start your day in better shape than usual, but that’s not all.

3. Visualize your day

You’d normally be doing it in the shower, but it’d be followed by worry, chaos, excitement or other things that prevent you from thinking clearly.

After calming your mind through the simple meditation, visualization of your day will take a totally different course.

Go through each of the main points of your day (starting with you getting out of bed and taking a slow shower :)) and visualize them the way you want them to be.

For example, if you’re going to have a business meeting, visualize it ending successfully without worrying too much about the details of the meeting itself, just visualize the overall feeling and impression that you want to leave as if it has happened.

Visualize yourself feeling good when you get out: if it’s a sunny day it will be no problem, but you can enjoy a rainy day as well. Visualize walking down the street and liking the feeling of it even if it’s raining. Don’t let the weather spoil your day, prepare yourself for it.

Whatever unpleasant thing you have to deal with that day (resolving an argument for example), visualize it going well and you doing exactly the right thing (even if you still don’t know what the right thing is).

If you’re planning on having just another “normal” and stress-free day, then you could just go over the things that you’ll do – in your head.

And feel good doing them 🙂

When you get out of bed, you’ll get up with a smile on your face, knowing that your best work for that day is already done – you have gone through it in your mind and you have consciously manifested the better part of it. Nothing can spoil your day now!

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