Aug 062014

Have you noticed that people have the tendency to over-complicate even the simplest things? Life was meant to be simple, but we somehow end up seeing what isn’t there, assuming wrong things, complicating relationships and doing things which drive us away from our life goal instead of bringing us closer to it.

Have you noticed that your life is too complicated? Today we have a few tips on how to uncover simplicity and to make your life lighter!

Relationships should be fun

Are you one of those who try to read people’s minds and assume what someone “meant” by saying or doing something (or by not saying/doing)? Or are you the drama queen, finding pleasure in blowing things out of proportion even though you know (somewhere deep down) that it’s not a big deal and whatever it is it can be easily fixed?

Have you ever stopped to think that relationships with other people are meant to make our life easier and more fun, not more stressful and unhappy? Some people you can’t choose, true, but there are those you’re close to, those who you did choose. Why complicating things with them?

There’s a simple solution to all the misunderstandings that come from you believing in your mind reading abilities: ask! Ask what’s wrong – or if there’s anything wrong, before you assume there is. Ask for their opinion before you decide you already know it.

Just ask.

You know, no reality can be as bad as you can make it in your head. So practice being more direct, cultivate the habit of clearly communicating your thoughts and fears.

And about the drama, when you get the urge just ask yourself if it will matter a year from now. Just question your need for making something bigger and more negative than it is, and that should do the trick – as long as you’re aware of what you’re doing.

Overthinking is not cool

Do you often spend a lot of time thinking about some situation from every conceivable angle? No matter if it’s business, romance or something else – you do realize how much time you’re wasting this way, taking no action to actually make it happen?

This is in common to many people, and this is what’s preventing them from doing something big and meaningful. So what to do to stop overthinking things?

First, set short deadlines. Seriously. If you are under the impression that you have all the time in the world to do something, you’ll probably end up not doing it. Ever. Because you’ll want to make it perfect, you’ll want to predict all possible outcomes and to know how to react to them… and there’s no end to that.

So stop. There’s no need to analyze every single decision – with some of them you can be done in under a minute, right? For more important and complicated ones, cut the time to 24h top.

Start doing things instead of thinking about them. Thinking never ends, doing does 🙂

Simplify. Ask what you’re not sure about, remove the drama (yours and other people’s), and do things. That’s it. No need to complicate things, life is meant to be happy and enjoyable, so remove all the negative elements out of it and be mindful of every single minute – it’s yours!

What do you do to simplify your life? Share in the comments!

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