Mar 022014

Do you get overwhelmed by the tasks on your to-do list, so much that you lose the vision of your big dream? Do you feel that you’re always playing catch up with your daily tasks? That you can’t even think about taking ten minutes a day for yourself, not to mention a proper vacation to reconnect with who you are?

And even when business gets good, there’s always that feeling that there is just more on your plate.

Your big dream gets left behind – even if you’re moving towards it, it keeps slipping away because you are overwhelmed by doing too many small tasks; everything seems important, and everything seems to work in favor of you finally achieving your goal… but there are just too many things you feel you have to do to make it perfect, to give it your best.

You get lost in all of that, and you lose sight of which activities really lead to the fulfillment of your dream, and which are just tasks that you’ve taken without thinking too much about it.

Prioritize Your Big Dream!

If you ever want to achieve it, you need to know which activities are getting you closer to your biggest dream and which are pushing you away from it. But how to do it when you’re so overwhelmed that you barely have time to catch your breath?

Well, it’s about organizing and prioritizing. And here are two simple things that you can do to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction.

1. Take a look at your daily schedule

Take a really good, impartial look at it. Chances are, if you’re overwhelmed by dozens of other tasks, that you aren’t prioritizing your “me-time”. That bath that you wanted to take, that meditation session that you’ve planned… they got lost somewhere between driving your kids to school, giving feedback to your coworkers and smacking your head against the wall.

And you need your “me-time” – so prioritize it! It’s important that you stay in touch with yourself, it gives you a better perspective on what’s important and what you’re doing because you’re just going with the flow.

Make it a daily ritual of a sort (an hour of running, half an hour of meditation, or simply that long bath), or dedicate one day of the week to yourself – call it your Me-day and do only the things that you enjoy. Don’t do anything else that day – don’t take business calls, don’t read emails… If you get a business idea – write it down and thing about it on another day.

2. Define 3 things and prioritize them that day

Each morning when you get up and finish with your morning ritual define just 3 things that you’re going to do that day – things that will move your most important dream forward. It could be some small tasks, but they have to be directly related to your goal: sending an email, asking someone for help, something that you’ve been putting off (and procrastinating on) for a while because other things would come first 🙂

So define what these 3 things and do them! They’re your priorities for that day. Everything else, you’ll manage it (and even if you don’t, it’s not that big deal because they are mostly just distractions anyway).

Do this for a while and you’ll see how things are moving forward much faster than before, and how there is a lot less of not-so-important things. When you do the initial effort, your big dream will eventually prioritize itself.

And you’ll definitely feel good about doing this, because you’ll see how it all fits into the big plan, that you’re finishing the tasks that are a part of something larger – that you’re really and effectively working on achieving your goal.

What are your priorities and how are you going to organize them?

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