Oct 012013

Did you know that there are regularly published magazines that talk about the law of attraction and give all the latest LOA and other spiritual information? Printed, online, whichever way you prefer! Here’s a list of the most popular ones:

1. Law of Attraction Magazine, titled so you can’t misinterpret what it is about 🙂 This is the biggest and most popular magazine out there that is dedicated exclusively to the LOA.

This is a quarterly print and digital magazine that’s sold on newsstands throughout the U.S. and Canada, and you can subscribe to this magazine in digital form on Amazon. This subscription works on Kindle and Kindle Fire, as well as iPad and other portable devices.

Each issue presents a number of uplifting, inspiring and empowering stories by law of attraction experts, as well as real-life success stories by people who have used law of attraction practices to manifest everything from loving relationships and dream homes to career success and physical healing.

Posted categories include: features; happy; healthy; wealthy, and some of the articles you can read for free on their website. The editor-in-chief is Sue Elliott, who is also a transformational coach who helps people to spot and release their limiting beliefs, along with behaviors and patterns that no longer serve them. The Edit0r’s letter says:

Our intention with this magazine is to help you let go of more and more stuff that doesn’t feel good and shift into a better-feeling state. It’s not about spouting positive platitudes when you feel crummy. As you’ll see, it’s about recognizing and feeling whatever you feel, then choosing—consciously and deliberately—to change your mind, so you can feel and be different in the world.

Apart from their main website, you can find them at: LOA Magazine Google Play page, LOA Magazine iTune page, LOA Magazine Kindle edition on Amazon and on Facebook.

2. OM Times Magazine is a multimedia outreach of Humanity Healing International and home to the 30 Day Conscious Living Challenge. They are a “Holistic, Green eZine for the Conscious Community” offering only a digital edition because, as they say, “it would be hard to be Green with that whole “cutting down trees to print it” part (and we would have to charge).” OM Times is, by the way, a free magazine.

They offer guidance to leading a healthy, spiritual life, including techniques to help you become a more effective manifestor. They focus on sharing new ways of thinking to promote healing on personal, community and global levels, and to bring attention to the individuals and organizations that are making a difference.

You can even contribute with your own writing if you want, as they’re always  looking for new contributors of both articles and poetry.

OM Times is a monthly publication. At the main website you can access issues from 2009, right up to the current issue.

As a curiosity, they offer a Spanish version of the magazine as well!

Their Facebook page is at Facebook.com/OMTimes.Magazine.

3. OSHO News is a publication which may better be classified as ‘spiritual’ rather than specifically as law of attraction, but it also provides some gems in forms of “articles and news items for people on the path, Osho lovers, sannyasins and meditators” (their description).

The magazine has more of an eastern slant, but it offers valuable and interesting information about meditating, Buddha, health, letting go, healing… life, in other words. Covered categories include, among others:

  • Healing and Meditation
  • Remembering in the Here&Now
  • Skill Development
  • Creativity
  • News
  • Osho
  • Minute Meditations, etc.

They also have a monthly horoscope, if you’re interested.

You can subscribe to the OshoNewsletter, or read the articles on the website for free. They also have only an online edition.

There you go, a short list of spiritual and LOA magazines. If you have any other LOA magazine to recommend, we’d love to review it!

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