Oct 292013

Manifesting, once you get the hang of it, can be a lot of fun by itself, but it’s always more pleasurable to share your experiences with someone else, especially when they share your beliefs and are acting in the same direction as you.

It’s good to find your community, and online forums that are active and that have many members can be a really useful source of new information – people share what works for them, they talk about some issues that you as well may be experiencing, and they’re usually helpful, so if you have a specific manifestation-related question (in most forums you can also find someone to answer any kind of spiritual question that you may have), you can ask there.

So, with no particular order, here’s a list of the biggest LoA and spiritual forums out there – hopefully you’ll find at least one that will suit you ūüôā

Power Law of Attraction Forum¬†is easy to browse – there are 27 main topic boards, including:¬†Law of attraction for ex-back,¬†How to use law of attraction, Success stories,¬†Law of attraction for wealth, Subliminal techniques, Attracting perfect soul-mate/ love/ specific person, Law of attraction for weight loss,¬†What are you attracting today…

The forum has over 30,000 registered members and a pretty decent number of active ones – there are no stats for that, but the average number of posts per day is 71.5 so you can see that the forum is very active.

Powerful Intentions Forum is another active forum but somewhat more complicated to navigate Рno wonder, apart from the forum this community has dedicated areas where their members can form groups, upload their images and videos, or write their own blogs and notes.

This is an ambitious and well-organized community of LoA-ers. They say that the qualities that all of their members possess are that they “believe in the power of intentions and the law of attraction and (…) are enthusiastically “attracted” to be here by inspired action” Their intended result is to “create the most fertile community in the world for people to manifest their intentions”.

The forum has over 31,000 members.

AbeForum¬†has over 13,000 members (786 of them active at the time this post is written) discussing all things Abraham. Some of the main topics are: Abraham-Hicks teachings and you, Rampages of appreciation, Abraham singles, friendships and “who is where” information, Practicing the teachings…

There is also the old Abraham forum,¬†TheAbeForum¬†– it’s not active anymore, but there’s also a ton of useful discussions, so if you have the time you can check it out as well.

Spiritual Forums¬†has over 25,000 members, around 1,500 of them active. The forum admins say in their message to the new members: “We created this community for people from all backgrounds to discuss Spiritual, Paranormal, Metaphysical, Philosophical, Supernatural, and Esoteric subjects. From Astral Projection to Zen, all topics are welcome” – so there’s more than the Law of Attraction discussions there, you can¬†discuss absolutely anything to do with what most people refer to as “New Age”.

You have to register before you can see the list of topics, but they include things such as paranormal, yoga, zen, spirituality, esoteric subjects, affirmations Рand the Law of Attraction, of course.

All of these forums are free to register and to use, and they offer a lot of wisdom, experience and help – and they welcome the new members, so don’t be shy!

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