Oct 252013

We have a treat for you today! Can you imagine a better way to always stay focused on your manifesting goals than to be reminded about the power of the Law of Attraction by the things that you use around the house and in the car every day? 🙂

The LoA-related market is huge these days, and you can find practically anything you can think of with  LoA and manifestation-themed motif on it. We have collected some images, just to give you the idea of what’s available – and you can go looking further on your own, or maybe make something yourself!

Starting from your kitchen…

Here are some fridge magnets:











Kitchen towels…



For the living room

Some clocks:

Throw pillows:


Here are some cute T-shirts:



And let’s not forget the youngsters 🙂 …


…and the pets!

(the first one is really cute – it says: “Go ahead… hug me! It’ll raise your vibration!”)

Your car needs care too

Some hitch covers:

…or the licence plates…

… and so on and so on…

Like we said – practically anything you can think of, you can find it LoA-ized – or LoAize it yourself!

We hope we gave you some ideas now – and happy manifesting!

(Images borrowed from cafepress.com and zazzle.com.)

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