Mar 312014

Join our new worldwide group manifestation event right here! Share your intentions and MANIFEST THEM with the help of hundreds of other people all around the world!

Do you know what can make your manifesting efforts a thousand times more effective?

Thousand of other people focusing their energy to help you to get there!

Our event last month had over 300 people from all around the world getting involved, sharing their intentions, supporting each other and creating a huge amount of positive energy around these intentions – just check the comments below the linked post, they’re all so positive, supportive and encouraging!

So let’s do the same thing in April!

Let’s Share our Minds and MANIFEST our desires for this month!

The process is simple:

  1. Think of what you want to manifest in April and share it in the comments below this post.
  2. Leave another comment REPLY to someone else’s resolution wishing them well and giving them some of your manifestation power and intention.

That’s it! You can choose more than one person – the more you give, the more you get :)

And why will this work?

This is an experiment – but if we all believe in it, if all of us put our intentions out there and pull together as a collective consciousness, if we’re all positive – this will work because:

  • The energy of a group has to be focused to one place – it will be this blog post which will further channel our intentions
  • The energy of hundreds of us is 100s of times more powerful. That’s A LOT of energy, focused right here :)
  • Then the real group benefit comes from the addition of energy and positivity and love on OTHER PEOPLE’S intentions – so find someone else and leave them a positive reply of energy and encouragement – and this will add even more energy and intention.
  • We are not just making our private decisions – we are declaring them, stating them, putting them out into the universe with clarity and we are all adding extra power to each others.

Get involved! Leave a comment with your April intention, then refresh the page and leave positive energy for someone else!

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