Manifesting Explained in 10 Points: the Essentials


In this article we’re going to summarize the law of attraction in 10 simple points that you can bookmark or print out and use as a reminder.

1. Your Thoughts Attract All of Your Experience, Good or Bad

Your thoughts, just like everything else in the universe, are made of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency; energies of the same vibration attract each other, so your thoughts, when their frequency matches the frequency of something else in the material world, are able to attract it to your life.

Energy knows no good or bad, so it can attract things that you want to have in your life and the things you don’t want. It’s up to you to adjust the frequency of your thoughts to match and to attract only the things you want.

For more information, see our core page about the law of attraction, and follow the links to the articles that explain it further.

2. You Can Make Things Happen Faster if You Think about Them More

Your thoughts can jump from one thing to another, matching their vibrational frequencies, but unless they stay focused on one thing, there will not be enough power to attract it. Focused thinking, on the other hand, acts like a funnel that directs the attracting power of your thoughts to one specific thing; so when you want to manifest certain object or situation, you need to focus your thoughts to it.

The more attention you give to a certain thing, the faster it will manifest – see our article about the principle of Focus for a more detailed explanation.

3. There’s No End to What You Can Manifest

The supply of good, possession, success and everything else in the universe is endless, so success of others doesn’t limit your possibilities for success, and you can manifest as much of everything as you want – you are your only limit in manifesting.

4. Avoid the Negativity in Your Life

Positive thoughts attract positive experiences, and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. That means that if you want mostly the good things to happen to you, you should get rid of the negativity that surrounds you and allow only the positive thoughts and feelings to get in.

That encompasses your conscious thoughts, but also the thoughts and messages that enter your mind without you noticing it (the news about disasters and wars, even the lyrics in the song on your way to work that are aggressive or negative in any other way); if you’re surrounded by the people who always complain, or who doubt that you can succeed in something – that is also negativity that you should rid your life of. All of that pollutes your mind, whether you’re aware of it or not.

Please read our articles about the importance of positivity, and the different ways you can practice positive thinking and getting rid of negativity in your life to learn more.

5. Take Responsibility for Your Actions, Relationships and Circumstances

As you’re the only one who manifests the experiences in your life, you have to take responsibility for them. What you’re experiencing now is the result of your previous thoughts, and if your current situation isn’t very bright, understand that it’s you who created it, and that it’s also you who can change it for the better.

Fully recognizing and accepting your own responsibility means that you are aware that there’s no point in complaining, and it also allows you to take a positive attitude toward your future experiences. And there’s no reason to be afraid of it – if you’re the forger of your own destiny, even if you mess up something along the way (you probably will, and that’s also OK, it’s a part of your learning experience), you know that you can fix that as well, and you’ll know better for the next time.

6. It’s Both Your Thoughts and Your Feelings that Affect the End Result

Why is it important not to be afraid? Well, your thoughts are what points the attractive power to a certain thing that you want to have, but it’s the emotions that follow that thought that put the context around it.

For example, if you want a lot of money, but you’re afraid that you won’t be happy if you get it, you’ll either manifest nothing at all (because your emotions say that you don’t really want the money), or you’ll manifest the situation where you were right to be afraid of getting that money.

Also, if you’re acting from a place of despair – your girlfriend left you and you want to get her back because it hurts too much to be without her, or you want to change your current job because your boss hates you – you’re also attaching a negative context to your thoughts.

In the first case, you can easily manifest more hurtful experiences related to your ex girlfriend (for example, seeing her with someone new), and in the second, you can manifest awkward situations at your workplace that will cause your boss to hate you even more (or that’s how you’ll be perceiving it).

Instead of being desperate and unhappy, try to shift your emotions to be grateful upfront for all the wonderful experiences that you’ll be manifesting: if you’re attracting a new job, do it because a new job will be great, not because your current one sucks; if you’re attracting the girlfriend back to your life, do it with a joyous feeling about the times you’ll spend together.

Please read the article Align your thoughts and your emotions to see what you should pay attention to.

7. Your Unconscious Thoughts and Beliefs Have a Part in It as well

Your conscious thoughts are only a very small part of your mind, and your entire mind sends out the vibrations by the means of your thoughts and feelings. So if you see that something that you’re extremely focused on is just not manifesting, you should investigate your internal beliefs and the thoughts that you may not even know that you have – they might be blocking your attractive power.

For example, if that ex-girlfriend is the issue, perhaps deep down you know that she isn’t the right one for you, and your subconscious wants to stop you from making the same mistake again by not getting into the vibration of your conscious wants.

But there can also be different situations: people often can’t manifest any bigger dream they have because the lack of deep belief that they deserve it (I’m not good enough for her/I don’t deserve a better job, etc).

We explain this in much more detail in the article Manifesting and the power of subconscious mind. To learn how to get to the root of your negative subconscious self-talk, please read How to release negative beliefs.

8. See Things as You Want Them to Be, Not as They Are

Manifestation is all about making a step forward, a change in your life; so when you’re visualizing, or saying positive affirmations, or whichever method of focusing your thoughts that you’re using – it should be at least a level or two beyond your current situation. But also, be careful not to stretch too far – your belief system may not be ready for that yet.

For example, if you’re currently making $2,000/month, it may be difficult to “persuade” your unconscious that jumping straight to manifesting a job that will pay $100,000/month is something that you can do; but making it believe that you can earn $5,000/month is much closer to your current situation, so you should probably start with that and work your way to the larger sums.

9. You Can’t Expect Instant Results, but You Can Expect Continuous Success

Manifestation never happens instantly; some things you will be able to attract faster than others (depending on your state of mind, the time you’re devoting to manifestation and the quality of it), but when you get a hang of it, you will see that you’re attracting much more easily and much more quickly, as your positive attitude, your belief and your focusing ability develop.

10. Take Action!

Finally, manifestation is nothing without you acting upon what you’ve attracted. As you go, the universe will be “throwing you lemons” – opportunities to take what you have manifested, and they may not always be exactly as you have imagined them. But you have to take action, that’s the only way for your manifestation to come to life.

About the importance of taking action and the different ways that you can miss the opportunity to take what you have manifested, please see the articles The principle of Action and Pursuing every opportunity. And to get your daily dose of positivity like us on Facebook!

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