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Marie Diamond is a Feng Shui consultant, author, radio personality, motivational speaker, personal and corporate consultant – the woman you probably remember from The Secret as the one who had the French painter replace his portraits of women with paintings of couples, so he could attract a relationship.

Life and Career

Marie Diamond was born in Belgium, where she worked as a lawyer and criminologist. Early in her career she worked in government, publishing, and sales.

Her interest in the law of attraction and Feng Shui energy began when she was 15:

I had a major accident. I actually had a near-death experience. I remember when I came out of that time in the hospital, I was quite angry because of all the things I’d been doing before- all the praying, affirming, and visualizing. Even with my prayers to be a happy girl and a good girl, I ended up in the hospital with a lot of issues health-wise. I said to my mentor, “What have I done wrong? I’ve been praying. I’ve been doing all the right things.” He said, “Marie, you have bad feng shui.”

She acknowledged the power and influence of the physical environment when she moved into what she believed was a “good room”, one filled with happy memories from childhood, painted it a more feminine color and put new images up. Soon she was attracting completely different yet more positive experiences.

Today, Marie Diamond works with A-list celebrities, large corporations, and regular people to help them create a better environment that will contribute to their success, and even her fellow teachers from The Secret, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, have both had Diamond do Feng Shui consultation or work for them.

Apart from running her own consulting business, Marie Diamond is also the founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council, created by Jack Canfield, a founder and faculty member of Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB), as well as the creator of Women Enlightened Leaders, a.k.a. W.E.L. Circle.

Aside from The Secret, Marie has been featured in The Power of Mentorship (2007) and The Compass (2009), and the latest motivational documentary in which she participates is The Gratitude Experiment (April 2013).

Teachings and Philosophy

Marie Diamond believes that we are all creators of our own individual universe. Our thoughts have substance, and we manifest those things that occupy our thought lives.

To change our circumstances, we should start with changing our environment because success, physical and emotional well-being, happy relationships, and spiritual wisdom are affected by it; according to her official website, “her safety management skills are sought by multinational corporations like BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, and Total Fina, whose productivity and safety records improved dramatically after implementing her recommendations.”

In an interview she gave in 2011, she explains how the law of attraction and Feng Shui work together:

There are three aspects of the Law of Attraction or vibration. 

First, there’s the vibration field of our spirit or a heavenly connection. Your soul and spirit have their own connection and are sending out vibrations which we call karma, destiny, or fate.

Second, as a human being, with thoughts, feelings, and actions, we’re creating a vibrational field which we call human experience. 

Then we have the environment that brings signals and vibrations to us and our human experience. It’s called the environmental experience.

These three should be in balance, and are working together. We as human beings are connected with heaven and with earth. If all three intentional experience are aligned, at that moment we are completely holistic, and things are moving forward. If you are missing out on one aspect, you don’t have the strength.

Some of Marie’s Feng Shui tips and tricks:

  • If you want to experience growth and have a similar small object in your entrance, get rid of it. Replace it with something grand like a big strong lamp, a beautiful image like a deity, or a beautiful vase with amazing flowers. Anything but small images.
  • Make sure wherever you’re sitting at your desk that you can always see the door. If you see the door, you actually put out an intention, “I am in power”.
  • If you have too much personal stuff in your office and no books on success and money, your career may be stagnant.


  • The Very Simple Law of Attraction
  • Surround Yourself With Success
  • Inner Universe–Outer Universe (to be released soon)


The Universe will not only provide you with wealth, happiness and great health, you can attract all the wisdom you need in your life.

Every successful person remains a student of life, they know that they will never know everything.  They know that the more you know, the more there is to know.

Life will get so much easier when you stop judging yourself and others. You lose so much energy when you judge others and it does not feel good in your heart.

In the video below Marie Diamond talks about aligning with the universe through Feng Shui:

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