Jan 242014

When we talk about meditation, we usually think about a relaxation technique – but we rarely think that it could lead to more than just being calm.

Dalai Lama talked about how meditation could eliminate violence (the image above), many psychologists recommend it as a stress reduction technique, it is also commonly used for treatment of a wide range of physical and mental problems (including addictive behaviors, such as drug, nicotine, and alcohol use…). Today we present you with another very powerful use – that’s right, folks, you can successfully use meditation for manifesting!

Meditation = Better Focus = Manifesting Success!

Meditation, whichever technique you choose (simple breathing exercises, mantra chanting, guided meditative visualization…) can help you to shut down the normal stream of thoughts that are flowing through your mind.

With tens of thousands of thoughts every day, it’s impossible to keep track of all of them. Most of these thoughts (and again: there are tens of thousands of them) go straight into our subconscious. Some of them leave no trace, but others can turn into beliefs, especially if it’s the thoughts we get repeatedly.

Now, think about the news you hear every day. Think about the newspaper headlines, think about the accidents and bad news that enter your mind. Then think about where your mind wanders when you let it, when you’re not controlling your thoughts. Often it’ll go processing some of those bad things – which makes it focused to them.

And your thoughts create your reality, remember? So every once in a while you need to stop your thoughts in order to gain control of them.

That’s where meditation steps in.

Instead of letting your mind wander off, meditation teaches you to focus it on only one thing. You usually start with breathing, and that’s perfect.

When you start meditating, your mind, not used to being controlled, will try to behave the way it always did – thinking hundreds of thoughts. Your job is to kindly remind it to go back to focusing on your breathing. 5 minutes every day, that’s all it takes for your mind to get trained to focus.

And why is this important for manifesting?

OK, you know that focus is one of the basic manifesting principles. We attract to our life whatever we give our attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative. If we want to attract positive things, we need to focus our energy and our thoughts to positive things; if we want to attract a specific thing (or person, or circumstances) – we need to focus our thoughts to it.

These are the basics. And there are several ways to focus your thoughts, visualization being the most commonly used. But everyone who tried it knows that our thoughts don’t particularly enjoy being “disciplined”. They can easily find hundreds of different ways to wonder off or to turn into something we didn’t want…

Through meditation, we can train our thoughts to be more focused. And when we achieve that – there’s no limit to what we could manifest! When our mind stops resisting the urge to think of… umm.. ice cream or blue elephants when we’re trying to visualize a better paying job or a perfect partner, then all of our energy will be directed in one way – the way we want.

If you don’t think you can achieve this by yourself, our friends at GuidedMind.com have created a Manifestation Mastery collection of guided meditations that will help you to quickly get into the state of mind needed for manifesting naturally – to get in the perfect zone for manifestation.

Are you ready to take control of your thoughts and to gain clarity within your own mind?

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