Meditation and the Law of Attraction


Alongside other manifestation practice, meditation is another very effective tool for calming your mind and focusing your thoughts on your true goals, those that are aligned with your inner self.

On this page we will present what meditation, and especially guided meditation is, how it works and how you can use it for manifesting.

Our focus is mostly on guided meditation, as it combines meditative relaxation techniques with creative visualization, which allows you to visualize your goal from a place of deep calm, in a brain stage (called Theta) that allows deep and profound learning, giving an extra power to your visualization as the brain “learns” that what you visualize several times is the reality – and we all know how important it is for manifesting that our mind sees things as real.

The articles below explain all this in more depth, showing you how guided meditation can support and empower your other manifesting efforts.

Core Knowledge Base

What Is Meditation? – the article explaining the bases of meditation: what it is, how it works, what the benefits are, and it also shows the scientific experiments that prove the changes in the physiology of the brain during the meditative state.

What Is Guided Meditation? – what makes guided meditation specific is two things: first, you’re guided by a narrator through a journey in your mind, which is especially great news for the beginners. Second, it involves creative visualization which helps us focus on a specific goal using the images in our mind that make it look realistic. This kind of meditation will make you deeply calm and relaxed, but it will also help you reach a specific goal, be it mental, physical or spiritual.

Meditation Will Help You to Take Control of Your Mind – people usually think that meditation is a technique reserved for those who are more spiritually advanced than us, and that not all of us can do it. This is a myth, and one you need to disperse right away because meditation is something that can be learned, and something that you can benefit from tremendously.

Using Meditation for Manifestation – in order to attract a generally good life, you need to feel good about life in general, and meditation helps you get your thoughts in order and achieve the deep state of calm and relaxation that emanates calm and peace to the outer world. It also helps you to deeply focus on your goal and on your inner self, from where you can manifest anything you desire.

History of Meditation – we all know that people have been practicing meditation for a long time; but did you know that it’s possible that meditation may have been practiced even in prehistoric times?

Further Reading

How to Use Guided Meditations and What Results You Can Expect – in this article we will talk about practical side of guided meditations: how you should use them, what to do when your thoughts wander off, the results you can expect to get from them…

Most Popular Types of Meditation – with so many different types of meditation out there, we thought we could give you an overview of the most popular techniques to see what kind suits you best. Remember, it’s definitely better to practice any kind of meditation than not to meditate at all 🙂

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