No Matter What


Lisa Nichols‘ No Matter What!: Nine Steps to Living the Life You Love (2009) is a unique and powerful inspirational program that is meant to both move you and empower you to realize your dreams – no matter what.


No Matter What! is full of Nichols’ true to life stories from relationship struggles, to thoughts of suicide, to becoming a single mother, to knowing what she wanted to do with her life and her own struggle to get there.

In the book, the author encourages us to develop 9 very important muscles:

  1. Your understanding muscle
  2. Your faith-in-myself muscle
  3. Your take-action muscle
  4. Your I-know-like-I-know muscle
  5. Your honesty muscle
  6. Your say-yes muscle
  7. Your determination muscle
  8. Your forgiveness muscle
  9. Your highest choice muscle

She believes we have as many “bounce-back muscles” as we do actual muscles, but these are the ones that help us become more fulfilled and empowered individuals. For each of these sections Nichols provides examples how she herself developed the muscle and in addition, at the end of each chapter, she provides a series of exercises that help to develop the muscle in question.

Muscles were used as the symbol for growth because people immediately understand that to get physically fit you can’t think your way to success. You have to take action. So she needed to create a language that enabled people to develop character muscle in the same way, and the “muscles” are there to provide strength and ability to successfully navigate life’s speed bumps.

Nichols, who is a law of attraction advocate, clearly says that, while it may be beneficial to think positive thoughts, one cannot simply “think” their way into a successful life – doing so will only lead to a life full of fantasy. What is needed more than anything else is positive thought combined with positive action.

There is no way that anyone can create the life they dream of without knowing how to get through the difficult times. The author says: “This is the book people need most before they can make “The Secret”work. Everything I read was step 1, 2, 3. I needed step zero! Before I can bounce forward, I need to bounce back.”

So she reveals her own secret to happiness, the Law of No Matter What: no matter what happens, I will achieve my goal!

Readers Reviews

Ana Maria Prezio:

Lisa Nichols is a Powerful Motivator!
Her book embodies the laws of success and how to achieve it ‘No Matter What’. Lisa’s essence, along with her teaching and coaching, is illuminating. Lisa is a modern-day philosopher committed to your success.
If you ever get an opportunity to see her and listen to her speak, do it.
She uplifts your spirit, awakens your core, and motivates you with her ‘story’ and how she believed in self-achievement. She is authentic. She is dynamic and her book ‘No Matter What!’ is a must read.


This book made it on to my favorites for 2 reasons: The first is that the author opened up so freely and honestly about her own journey that her words have more power than any other self-help book I’ve read. The second is that she obviously has an overwhelming ability to love and accept those around her. Both of these spurred my own ability to make some good changes in my life.


This book has changed my life. It has enabled me to understand the basic principles to success from both a professional and personal perspective. You’ll want to share this book with those you love. I especially appreciated the action plan steps that show specficially how to achieve your goals. This is a book you must add to your book collection. You’ll read it over and over again. Once you read it you’ll know like I know that everything will be alright! Thank you Lisa Nicols…

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