The Brower Quadrant


The Brower Quadrant (2009) by Lee Brower is the book that sums up Brower’s experience as the estate planner and coach. The Brower Quadrant is a system for perpetuating a family’s wealth – money, but also “true wealth”: all the skills and values that created the money in the first place.


The statistics show that in 97% of cases, the family wealth is completely dissipated by the third generation. What happen is that the first generation works hard to create something great; the second generation, who grew up seeing the work ethic and ingenuity exerted by the first generation, leverages the knowledge and the experience and expands the enterprise. But the third generation is handed the keys to the kingdom without doing the work, and the enterprise dies.

This is important to know for anyone who is building their net worth and wants to pass it along. The Brower Quadrant aims to solve the problem of loosing wealth and other values.

The book consists of three parts. In the first part, the author explains what is the Brower Quadrant. It consists of four components: Core, which is your special talents and what drives you as a person; Experience is all the experiences that define you and your family, which needs to be captured and put into story format and shared, because it’s the experiences that shape your personality and your core; Contribution  is the quadrant in which you instill an attitude of gratitude and open up your heart – in short, if you want more then give more; finally, the Financial quadrant is the money and wealth preservation quadrant, where the author shows you how to continue to grow your financial position with the Family Empowered Bank and pass it from generation to generation.

The second part explains the importance of the Brower Quadrant: family knowledge and skill sets are typically taken for granted and lost over time, which also creates family stress and torn relationships. That’s why it’s important to understand how the quadrants work – each of them can be thought of as assets that need to be preserved.

The third part explains how the Quadrant works, and the author explains it best in the chapter “Family Leadership”: the quadrant itself is much more than estate planning that shows how to minimize tax liability. Brower explains that leadership requires vision, clarity, action, communication, influence and a whole host of other attributes which should bring clarity in each quadrant with a set of action plans that are communicated and acted upon.


Part One: Developing the Brower Quadrant

  • 1 What Is True Wealth?
  • 2 Money Talks, But Meaning Whispers
  • 3 The Brower Quadrant

Part Two: Understanding the Brower Quadrant

  • 4 Core Assets
  • 5 Experience Assets
  • 6 Contribution Assets
  • 7 Financial Assets

Part Three: the Practice of Quadrant Living

  • 8 Creating Clarity
  • 9 Gratitude Rocks!
  • 10 Goodbye, Goals
  • 11 The Empowered Quadrant Bank
  • 12 The Five Phases of Wealth
  • 13 Estate Planning Vs. Family Leadership
  • 14 Who Owns Your Future?
  • 15 The Essence of the Brower Quadrant

Readers Reviews

Michael McCauley:

Fantastic book – a must read for everyone! I have had the privledge of knowing Lee professionally for several years now. He is incredibly engaging in person and his book is a great insight into his underlying beliefs. His “prescription” for living is something that anyone can benefit from, whether you’re in your teens or your 70’s. The book is a very easy read. Lee’s a great story teller and he weaves his stories throughout the book to illustrate key points. I highly recommend it.

Jack Canfield:

The Brower Quadrant is an absolute must-read for everyone, whether you are financially blessed or seeking to achieve financial freedom. Brower’s experience and wisdom is elegantly presented through predictable systems that you can begin to use immediately. Lee Brower has created a brilliant blueprint for personal, family and business success that he so willingly shares.

Joe Mosed:

The Brower Quadrant is required reading for anybody interested in preserving and building wealth across generations. Lee does an excellent job of outlining what is needed and gives additional resources. I started implementing some of the things in the book and will continue to implement all of it as our family and business grows.

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