The Secret


The Secret, the book and the documentary movie, both appeared in 2006 and are considered the self-help classics for the past few years. The author, Rhonda Byrne, said that she herself has discovered “the secret” that is the law of attraction, and that she decided to compile the wisdom of the centuries and to share that knowledge with the world.

The movie

The movie is made as a documentary presenting the principles of the law of attraction, and teachers and authors and other emissaries from the law-of-attraction industry. The crew interviewed 55 people during July and August 2005, and 25 of them were featured in the movie (24 in the second edition – Esther Hicks declined to continue with the project after the first edition because of some contractual issues with the producer, Rhonda Byrne).

People who were interviewed in the film are:  John AssarafRev. Michael BeckwithJohn DemartiniBob ProctorJack CanfieldJames Arthur RayJoe VitaleLisa NicholsMarie DiamondJohn Gray, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Mike DooleyBob DoyleDavid Schirmer, Marci Shimoff,  Lee BrowerHale DwoskinCathy GoodmanMorris E. Goodman, John HagelinBill Harris, Loral LangemeierDenis WaitleyNeale Donald Walsch, and Fred Alan Wolf.

The movie was presented in 2006 and gained huge popularity mostly thanks to the Internet – the word of mouth spread quickly through personal motivation blogs and “get rich quick” websites, and forums on which the fans shared how shifting from negative to positive thoughts has transformed their lives. It has also been presented in talk shows hosted by Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.

The book: summary and chapters

Following the huge success of the movie, Rhonda Byrne wrote the book The Secret and published it the same year, 2006. The book covers the principles of the law of attraction in much more detail, and is basically an homage to the thinkers and authors that have inspired Byrne – from New Thought legends like Robert Collier and Wallace Wattles, to contemporary self-growth gurus such as Denis Waitley and Jack Canfield.

Essentially, the book teaches us that the law of attraction is the universal law that governs all energy in the universe; and since we’re all made of energy, it governs our lives as well. All energy vibrates, and if we want to use this law to transform our lives by attracting the things we want into it, we have to adjust the frequency that we vibrate at so that it matches the frequency of what we want to attract.


  • The Secret revealed – in the introduction to the book, Rhonda Byrne claims that “the secret” has been kept from us through centuries. The secret that she’s talking about is that we can shape our reality by the means of our thoughts, because they attract other thoughts, objects and circumstances that are similar to them: our thoughts send a specific frequency to the universe, and the universe responds to it by sending us more of what we think about.
  • The Secret made simple  – the law of attraction works whether we know about it or not. It obeys to our thoughts and our emotions, which have to “vibrate” at a same frequency if we want to use the law. The emotions are very important, because they reflect our beliefs: if we want to win the lottery and we ask the universe for it, but we don’t feel too excited about it, then our guts is telling us that we don’t actually believe that we’re going to win. What we should do instead is to work on feeling good and believing that we’re in the right frequency required.
  • How to use the Secret  – the process by which we can use the LoA to attract what we want requires us to change our thoughts and to be positive, because it’s through our thoughts how we change our vibration. It has three steps:
    1. Ask the universe for what you want, and be crystal clear about it
    2. Believe that you’ll receive it (think, act and speak as if you have already received it)
    3. Receive what you’ve asked for with gratitude, and feel good because what you’ve asked for is on its way.
  • Powerful processes  – the powerful processes that the author mentions are expectation, gratitude and visualization. You should direct your expectation toward what you do want and not toward what you don’t want, because of the principle that “like attracts like”: if you don’t want to be poor, but are thinking about it intensely, you will continue to be poor – that’s what you’ve attracted from the universe. The sense of gratitude goes along these lines as well: if you feel gratitude for what you’ve asked for, believing that you’ll receive it, this feeling will empower your thoughts even more because gratitude is a very powerful process. And visualization helps you to stay focused, and to tell the universe exactly what you want to receive.
  • The secret to money – the above principles apply to money as well: if you focus your attention on the lack of money, that’s what you’ll get back. You should focus on wealth instead, telling yourself that you can afford things you want, giving money in order to receive more of it – because that’s how you tell the universe that you believe that you have plenty of money. Visualize the checks, not the bills, arriving to your mailbox.
  • The secret to relationships – you have to have positive thoughts about relationships in order to attract a successful one. Your actions have to show that you’re already feeling that your potential partner is on his way: leave a place for him on the driveway, for example.
  • The secret to health – the placebo effect proves that if a person believes that a pill will cure them, then they’ll be cured. You should focus on good health to have good health – don’t think about disease, think and talk about the positive outcome, about health. Stay away from the groups that discuss diseases, and don’t listen to society’s negative messages about them.
  • The secret to the world – don’t resist anything, it will only make you attract even more of it. Instead, change what you’re thinking of, and the way you’re thinking about it. Emit a new signal of love, trust, peace and abundance. There’s enough for everyone, and your positive thoughts and emotions will allow you to tap onto this unlimited supply – life is meant to be abundant.
  • The secret to you – the author reminds us that we have to always keep in mind that we are the creators of our own destiny and our lives, that what we want is only a thought away from us. We should remind ourselves that we’re a magnet, capable of attracting anything.
  • The secret to life – the final chapter is to remind us that the power is within us, and that we should feel good using our newly discovered power.

Readers reviews


I had just come out of a relationship and was falling into a state of depression when my friend introduced me to this book. I had heard of it before, however never thought to purchase it until now as I needed to get out of this funk. Now to be honest, when first reading this book I did not believe that it would work, but after a few nights of reading and trying to be positive, I started to see the results. It has been difficult mantaining being positive but it has helped me so much to be thankful for what I have and to always be positive. This book has become my life guide.


Changed my life forever. I realize how much control I have over my life, my relationships, my happiness, my circumstances…EVERYTHING. I’m totally in charge of my life and I learned and am learning how to create what I want.

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