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Do you know the story about how Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich”? The idea wasn’t his, it came from a steel magnate Andrew Carnegie who believed that people can be taught to become rich, and that wealth isn’t so much in the things we do but rather in the way we think.

That’s why the “millionaire mindset” is what actually makes a difference between “rich” (and “not-so-rich”) and “wealthy”. Think and grow rich, yes – but think how?

Here are the top 5 things that make millionaire think and act differently than the rest of the world.

1. 9-5 Is a Risky Job!

Millionaires aren’t afraid to take risks, as they are aware that risks are a part of becoming successful. As opposite to “normal” people who think that starting up a business is risky, people with “millionaire mindset” dread having to work for someone else, that someone else will reap the benefits of their work. The idea that they should trade their time for money is terrifying to them.

In a millionaire’s mind, risks are a normal part of the option they would much rather take, the one that doesn’t put a limit to their potential earnings. The working hours aren’t proportional to their income possibility in their mind – it’s the opportunities they will jump on if they think they have a potential.

Ultimately a millionaire would rather create their own security through their own opportunities than be “safe” in a company, under someone else control.

2. They Have a Vision

Millionaires know exactly what they want to achieve and where they want to get in their life. Their creative vision is what drives them, they always have a positive attitude and, most importantly, they strongly believe that they will achieve their goal.

Whatever obstacle comes, they will find a way around it. If something doesn’t work the way they planned, they will find another way – but they wont become discouraged and give up. They have such a strong belief in their vision that nothing can stop them from getting there.

3. They Love What They Do

Millionaires love their work! They can’t imagine themselves doing something they don’t enjoy – love and passion are what fuels their vision. And when they’re passionate about their work, they get better in it, they acquire the skills that they need to excel in it without much effort  – and they ultimately gain more rewards.

They aren’t doing it JUST for the money – the love it, live it and breathe it. They are motivated by the big goal as much as the money.

4. They Value Their Time and Money

A millionaire isn’t (or doesn’t have to be) a typical Scrudge, but he takes care of his expenses in a way that is so obviously rational but still strange to many of the “normal” folks.

For example, a millionaire wouldn’t buy cheap clothes or shoes not because of the price, but because it will save them money in the long run (good quality clothes last for a long time); he will keep a list when visiting a supermarket because it makes him more efficient; he will hire a high profile expert to take care of his taxes – it is expensive at that very moment, but it will save him money in the future.

For a similar reason he won’t do things that take a lot of his time: he knows that his time is worth a lot, so he will pay someone to paint his house. Whenever a professional would do better than him and save him time, he will opt in for the option that costs more now but saves money later.

5. They Have an Unshakeable Sense of Self Belief

Millionaires have confidence, real natural, ego-less confidence that comes from within. They value themselves highly and overall they KNOW they can do it, and KNOW they deserve it. They know they deserve success and money.

They have no negative or limiting thoughts to hold them back, they have this self belief and passion and they simply go out to get what they want and don’t let anything get them.

Do you agree? Can you see how if you had these 5 traits you would much likely to be a millionaire too? Actually these are traits you can work on too – you can think more like a millionaire..

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