Feb 172014

Join our shared manifestation to-do list and make a commitment to yourself and to hundreds of other people! Through the power of group intent, positive energy, and group accountability we can all achieve our goals and actually do today what we have been delaying for so long!

This is not just any to-do list.. this is a MANIFESTATION to-do… TODAY list!

What makes this to-do list different than the ones you normally make is that hundreds of other people will see what you want and are planning to do TODAY. This is a great thing because:

  • It is a positive stimulation to you. It’s like you’re making a public promise, not only a promise to yourself but to hundreds of other human beings – and you’ll be more motivated to keep that promise! The group holds you accountable for your words, for your promise to make something good for yourself today 🙂
  • These people will also focus some of their energy to your intent – and that will give you the strength you need to achieve what you have set your mind on.
  • This also works in manifesting sense: your intent becomes group intent, as many other people will send positive energy your way, helping your intent to materialize – thus fulfilling your to-do will become much easier than if you were to do it alone.


How it works

This blog post will serve as the channel to all of our intentions, so we’re all use the comments section of it to verbalize what we’re planning to manifest and to give support to others.

The main rule is that if you post, you have to do it!

And here are the steps:

  1. Comment below with your task using the words “Today I’m going to manifest”. What do you want to do today that you’ve been delaying? This is your chance to finally do it, no excuses. If you really want it, then use this opportunity!
  2. Refresh the page and come back and reply-comment to someone else. Comment on their to-manifest wish. You can comment on more than one to send positive energy to other people and support them in their intent.
  3. Go and do your task for the day. Just do it. You have released the intent, all it takes now is to TAKE ACTION on your part.
  4. Come back here and comment again on how it went. Find your comment and let the rest of us know how it went, how it felt. This will add even more positivity to this event, and it will make the people who supported your intent feel really good!

You can use the list multiple times if you want, but only once per day.

Get involved! Leave a comment below with your manifestation goal for today Make the first step, make a commitment to yourself. Then refresh the page and leave a comment with positive energy for someone else!

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