Dec 162013

How often do you take a moment to think about the things you appreciate in your life?

Most of us take what we have for granted, we never stop to think that what makes us life the way it is – is a gift. Our life is amazing, and even when we’re going through a hard time we need to remember that there are things to appreciate, things to be grateful for. In the good times and in the bad times – gratitude is our best friend!

Here’s our list of the top 5 things to be grateful for – most (if not all) of them will apply to you too.

1. Family

No matter if you’re close or not, family is family. Each and every member of your family means something to you: your parents have given you birth, they gave you shelter when you were unable to take care of yourself, they taught you a lot of things – and at least a few of them were good. Your spouse and your children, your siblings if you have them, they all have an important place in your life.

It’s well worth it to take a few moments to find all the good things about your family members, and to appreciate them for the good they brought into your life. Bonus points if you let them know how much you appreciate them 🙂

2. Friends

A good friend is something to really be grateful for, although we often take them for granted as well. Someone we can call in the middle of the night, someone to laugh with, someone to count on…

Think about your friends. Think about what your life would look like without them, what their presence means to you. And appreciate them for that. Give them a hug the next time you see them or talk to them (a virtual hug is also fine).

3. Music, Books, a Hobby… The Small Things

Well, they do make you feel good, don’t they? Make a list of the small things you enjoy, things you don’t normally notice and that have the power to change your mood!

The magic of your life is in the small things that you should learn to fully enjoy instead of waiting for the “big things” to happen.

4. Your Life

Much has happened since the day we were brought into this world, we have experienced many ups and downs, successes and failures, pains and joy… We have learned so much from all these experiences, they brought us to where we are now and shaped us into the persons we are.

We have the opportunity to change our life every single day, with every single thought and decision we make. We have a life to live, and it’s in our hands. Appreciate your life, as it’s the most valuable gift you were ever given!

5. Your Wealth

You may not notice it, but if you’re reading this – it means that you have a computer (or another device that allows you to read it) and an Internet connection. That alone makes you wealthier than many, many people on this planet. You probably have a roof over your head, some money to spare (even if it’s for a cup of coffee) and some money in the bank (even a small amount is more than many others have).

Appreciate what you do have instead of lacking what you don’t, it will make you feel so much better!

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