Using Hypnosis for Manifestation


As we have said many times on our website, the law of attraction works with or without you believing in the concept, and with or without you making a conscious effort to manifest what you want – your thoughts and your emotions are attracting their material equivalents, and it’s your choice to make them attract something that you enjoy in, or something that makes you miserable.

If you have chosen to study manifesting, to develop your abilities and to apply them to making a better life for yourself, it’s quite possible that you will have some troubles and that you won’t make it on the first go – only a small percentage of people are able to apply the Law of attraction right from the start, so it generally isn’t something to worry about. But if you have been trying for some time and are unable still to attract what you wanted, then it’s possible that something inside you is keeping you from being successful.

Let’s break it down and see where the problem may be.

Law of Attraction Basics

Different law of attraction authors have somewhat different explanations on how this universal law works, but they all agree that, basically, your thoughts create your reality, and that you’re able to influence what you’ll be experiencing by manipulating your thoughts and emotions that empower them.

You already know the basic concept (you’re here, aren’t you?), but one of the main principles behind manifestation is that you have to believe in it. The power of belief has been proven many times over, not only related to manifesting: if you believe something strongly enough, it makes everything else easier. The law of attraction goes beyond “making it easier” – it says that when you believe 100% that the law works, that your thoughts are the creative power of your life, and that you’re able to influence that power – then you’re able to make your dreams come true.

Strong confidence and belief that you have in the power of your thoughts then act as the motivator for everything else: the confidence in the universe that it is granting your wishes, and that what you’ve asked for is on its way, makes you feel grateful for it in advance, you become more positive and you see only positive things around you, attracting even more of these into your life; you’re more focused on the object of your desire, which makes your emotions towards it happy, optimistic and strong; because of all that, you’re more action oriented, and ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

It’s all connected, and every gear in this manifesting machine that is you pushes other gears on the way to success. So what happens if one gear is rusted?

Why It’s Difficult for Most of Us to Achieve Success in Manifesting?

Let’s face it, the concept of the law of attraction isn’t something that we grew up believing in. For most of us, our lives are guided and regulated by faith, luck, destiny, a random set of circumstances, or something else that is beyond our control – and that usually isn’t meant to work in our favor. The successful people that we see around us are successful because they’re different than us, the lottery winners are the lucky bastards that we’ll never be, the couples in love are prettier or more funny than we can be in our most audacious fantasies…

All of that has the root in the beliefs that were implanted in us over time, which we have continued to nurture and cherish as a part of who we are. To change any belief, we need a tremendous amount of motivation and effort – and to change the core belief about how the world functions, the shift that the law of attraction requires us to make, it often takes more than we ourselves are capable of achieving. We don’t know how.

Manifestation works with relative ease when we are dealing with small things; attracting a free table in our favorite coffee shop during a lunch time, a phone call from an old friend, a small raise – this kind of things we believe is possible anyhow, so there isn’t much risk involved if we let ourselves believe that it could happen because of the law of attraction.

The problems come when we want to go after something bigger, something that would change our life altogether: a true romance, a new lifestyle, a winning lottery ticket. The sort of things we don’t actually believe is possible, at least not for us.

You see, when you truly believe in the law of attraction, you don’t have the doubts even with the things that you previously believed were impossible. Simply, the concept as such allows for every single one of us to be the absolute creator capable to manifest anything; to the universe, it makes no difference if it’s a piece of cherry pie or a castle; the difference exists only in our minds. And as long as we’re unable to fully embrace the existence of the law of attraction, we will meet the resistance of our mind each time we try to manifest something for which it believes is beyond our rational capacity.

How Hypnosis Can Help Us Change That

So, first of all, we have to deeply believe in the law of attraction, and in our own capacity to shape our world with our thoughts. But often, no matter how hard we want to, we just can’t make our mind accept something so abstract and so contrary to our belief system. That is because we don’t have the power, the strength, call it whatever you like, to make our unconscious mind believe what our conscious mind is trying to make it believe.

We have explained how our mind works in the article about subliminal messages. The subconscious part of it is like the part of an iceberg that is under the water – that part is several times bigger than what we consciously know and want, and at the same time, that part is what drives us and what keeps us above the water. So, the only way to control all of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions – is to gain control over your subconscious.

And that’s where hypnosis steps in: hypnosis works by changing our subconscious patterns to what we want them to be. Each behavior, each habit, each belief that we have is nothing more than a pattern formed and stored deep inside us. We can’t access them directly, so we most often can’t change them by ourselves – it would take even more time and conscious effort to re-write them then it took us to create them in the first place – and let’s face it, it’s more time and effort than we can afford.

Hypnosis attacks those patterns right where they were created; by bypassing the conscious part, the part that will resist the change, suggestions given under hypnosis are much better received within our subconscious, and are able to make the change from the inside,  within that larger part of our iceberg.

Hypnotic suggestions can help you achieve that total belief in the Law of attraction that is missing. And remember earlier, when we talked about how each gear pushes another? Hypnosis can greatly improve your visualization skills – and the better you can visualize your success, the more and easier you’ll believe it’s possible.

To finish in that tone, hypnosis can make each gear shiny and able to work towards the accomplishment of your desires 🙂

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