Using Positive Affirmations for Manifestation


Positive affirmations are such a simple tool, and yet so effective. They’re a core technique in manifestation – the reason being that they’re simply the primary way our thoughts are formulated when we want to give them life; by speaking them out loud, we give our thoughts even greater power.

The Concept of Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Have you heard about this term? The definition is that

A Self Fulfilling Prophecy is a prediction that causes itself to come true due to the simple fact that the prediction was made. This happens because our beliefs influence our actions.

You have probably made tons of these in your life: when you wake up in the morning, feeling good about yourself and the world around you, and you say: “Oh, it’s gonna be a wonderful day!” and it turns out to really be a wonderful day, because you’re feeling good, and everything around you looks pretty, you even influence others to help you having your wonderful day, because you’re smiling and you’re being positive. It’s the law of attraction in action – your positive thoughts about the looks and feels of that day have attracted other positive things and people to your life that day.

This concept belongs to psychology, and is used usually to describe more “earthly” situations – for example, when a wife suspects that her husband is cheating on her, she’ll start behaving jealous, eventually making him find someone who doesn’t make scenes all the time – again, making the prediction she made simply by her thoughts – come true.

These kind of things most of the time happen to us – we don’t plan to wake up in a good mood; but as the day goes on, and the good things keep happening, we begin to notice how happy we are, we are saying and doing all the nice things and, if we don’t stop ourselves  (the “too good to be true” moment), it will continue that way, and even more of good things will happen, making us feel even better. If that day could go on forever, we’d probably become a snowball that grows thanks to the good things and good people it absorbs 🙂

The wife from the second example – she does it as well: her thoughts are gaining strength the more she nurtures them, making her feel even more insecure, making her become less and less desirable to her husband; and when he goes, if she doesn’t snap out of it, she could eventually become a vortex of despair, attracting more and more bad things to her life.

The Power of Affirmations

We are talking a lot on this site about the power of our subconscious (see the article about how positive affirmations work): the more you repeat an affirmation, the more you believe it’s true. Now, affirmations – they’re only sentences. “This is red” and “this isn’t red” – these are both affirmations, just like “I am pretty” and “I’m not very pretty”. The difference – the first one, positive one, makes you feel good about yourself, and the other – not so much.

Which one would you rather be repeating to yourself daily?

Our thoughts and our emotions often start with words, and that’s what gives the affirmations their power – they’re directly connected to our thoughts. True, we often speak words without feeling what they mean – just how many times have you said “love” without feeling love? But the point is, if we want to give power to our words, we can!

Your language, the words you’re saying, and the emotion behind them are where your manifesting power is concentrated; you’re like a magnet, attracting more of what you’re thinking about and expressing with your words. Now, would you rather be a positive or a negative magnet? Or would you just let the needle on your compass spin, without you directing it at all?

Or: do you want to give power to your positive affirmations, or to leave them hanging in the air?

“Oh, it’s gonna be a wonderful day!” This sentence can hardly be said without enthusiasm, without really feeling that everything around you is great. Now, imagine waking up every morning with the intention to manifest a great day for yourself, with the strong conviction that the day will be just the way you want, and saying this sentence. With intention, not by accident; with belief, not by default.

Do you think you’d stay in bed if you’d start your day like that? Of course not – you’d be feeling energized, you would get out right away to do things that will make you feel even better – you’d be taking action needed to fully experience the miracle of the day you’ve created – for yourself, with your thoughts, focusing all of your words, thoughts and actions to attract more of that great feeling!

And you can do that with any positive affirmation of your choice.

I am pretty. – feel that you are!

I’m attracting love in my life. – feel that it’s coming!

I enjoy exercising. – well, of course you do!

How to Use Positive Affirmations for Manifestation

First, make them positive 🙂 Think about the change you want to make in your life, and formulate your affirmation to describe it accurately and in a positive way. If, for example, you don’t enjoy your job and want to change it, use something like this: “I’m attracting a new job interview in a company that I’ll be enjoying working for.”

As always with the law of attraction, never focus on the negative side of things: “I hate my job and I want to quit” will only attract more of the negative things related to your current job, making you feel like you’re trapped, causing you to attach more negative feelings related to changing your job; similarly, since the words are the expression of our thoughts, don’t use the negative words – like don’t, won’t, dislike, hate, unhappy. 

When you’re happy with your affirmation, write it down and repeat it at least twice a day – the first thing in the morning, and the last thing before you go to bed. Before you do, prepare your thoughts, so that you can feel what the words mean, and say them with a confident voice – they’re a prediction you’re making, and it’s already coming true, you’re only affirming it this moment.

You can also repeat your positive affirmations as a part of your visualization exercises – start or finish your visualization with the affirmation that confirms what you have imaged to be true; this will add even more power to both exercises, and help you manifest things with little or no effort at all.

Remember – life is good if you say so, and so are you 🙂

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