Waking Up Early Visualisation


Staying up late at night, working or having fun? And when the alarm rings, you pretend that you didn’t hear it, delaying your getting out of the bed for… a few more hours, because the bed is so nice and warm and soft that you just can’t make yourself leave it. Sounds familiar?

If that’s messing with your life – you can’t wake up in time for work or school, or if you’d just like to change the rhythm of your life and start enjoying the mornings, finishing your duties early and moving on with your day – then this simple exercise is just the right one for you!

If you haven’t done so yet, we also recommend that before you start with this visualization, you read our article How to visualize and other articles listed in the core section about visualization and law of attraction to get a better idea on why this steps are important for successful visualizing.

The goal of the exercise is to make you get up in time and stop laying in bed. Simple as that. And it works!

Preparation stage:

  1. Specify your goal. You want to start getting up earlier. Make the reasons clear and understand their importance.
  2. Choose at least one image to keep in your mind before you start visualizing. The simplest way to go through with this visualization is to simply imagine yourself already up at the time you want – let’s say 7.00 in the morning. You can practice this visualization in the evening, to help you schedule your internal clock, or you can use it in the morning, when you hear the alarm and you don’t feel like getting up, to motivate you. We will use the second situation as the example.
  3. Set a schedule. – Whatever you decide to do, in the morning or in the evening – stick to it!

Steps to waking up early visualization:

  1. Relax. – If you had a bad dream, allow yourself some time to calm down. Lay on your back and breathe deeply.
  2. Break visualization down into senses. – Now imagine, just imagine, that you’re getting up, and go on with your usual morning routine while creating a mental image of every detail. In the bathroom, take a look at the towel, at your reflection in the mirror, at your hands holding the toothbrush. Then listen to the sound of water, and feel the toothbrush touching your teeth, moving up and down. Feel the freshness that the toothpaste leaves in your mouth, feel the water on your face – it’s so refreshing!
  3. Third person view. – Look at you as you go through your morning routine: you take a shower (include the sensation again), then what you do? Do you sit at your computer and start checking your emails or Facebook, or you dress and go to work, maybe prepare breakfast first? Do in your head what you usually do.
  4. First person view. – Now is the time to just feel that you’re up and that your day has begun.
  5. Wrapping it up. – You have already got up in your mind, your body is fully awake, and you’re ready to do it for real. See how easy it is? 🙂
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