Mar 022014

Hey there this is a really quick call-out as we’d like you help… in-fact YOUR EXPERTISE!

You see this week we were sent a copy of this Manifestation Power Meditation MP3 (It’s a guided meditation, specifically for the law of attraction). Now we LOVE it, but we’re a small team and on the other hand there are 100s and 1000s of you all involved in our site, and on our facebook.

We hope you like it, we try to find things of quality which work for us and help us and to share them with you, but we’d like to check that’s the case 🙂 If you like it then we’ll see if we can bring you more free stuff like this 🙂 And if you can help us then there’s a little extra we’d like to give back too 🙂

How to Help

Ok, it’s really simple, we’d like your feedback on this guided meditation, and in the process you get to try a free guided meditation of course, so:

1. Follow this link and download the Manifestation Power MP3


2. Come back to this page and leave a comment below with your thoughts – if you like it, what you think, if you’re going to use it, how you feel afterwards


3. That’s it, but yes, we said theres a little extra – we’ll pick 3 commentors at random and be in touch and you can choose ANOTHER guided meditation from them for free (they’ve got another 80+ session to try :))

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