Sep 012013

Welcome to our blog!

In the main section of our website we are publishing the most important, core information related to the law of attraction – its history, the authors who have been (and are) writing about it and their books, and more importantly, all the information related to manifesting itself – from the definition and explanation of how it works, to the different techniques you can use to improve your own skills and your experience.

In the blog part we will be presenting – well, everything else 🙂 The blog will be covering:

  • All the news related to the law of attraction – well, no one can invent hot water here, the concept is as old as the universe itself, but people (authors, gurus, philosophers – and even regular people like you and me) are constantly presenting the new techniques that can help you achieve your goals faster, or the new books that perhaps explain the concept of the law of attraction better or in a different way
  • In-depth explanations of different aspects of manifesting, such as the correlation between the law of attraction and quantum physics
  • Advice on specific manifesting problems, like applying the LOA in business, using LOA to fight an addiction, or attracting a specific romantic partner.
  • Lists of other places where you can get more information on the law of attraction and manifesting, or share your own tips and success stories with other LOA-ers – places like online magazines that deal with LOA and spirituality in general, online forums and other communities
  • The LOA-related events (we’ll try to include all the important global events, like the conferences of LOA teachers and practitioners, but we’ll try the best we can to avoid any commercial events, like LOA-themed cruises or safaris. OK, unless there’s something really interesting and different about them 🙂 )
  • Useful or just interesting things like: where online you can create your vision boards (for free), tips on becoming a LOA teacher for those of you who are thinking about that, LOA-themed accessories for your home and your car…
  • … and basically everything else that we find interesting or helpful.

The blog part is also a place that you can use as your own playground: if YOU, dear readers, have a success story, or a manifesting technique that works, or anything else that you want to share with other LOA-ers – please feel free to contact us! The simplest way to do that is through our Facebook page (we are very present on Facebook and we take all of our fans and friends very seriously 🙂 – we really, REALLY love it when you talk to us!).

So, if you have a story to tell, let us know, and we’ll work something out!

Until then, enjoy our blog and the rest of our website – it’s all made for you!

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