What Is the Law of Attraction?


Welcome to the first in our series of posts to help you understand and get the most from the law of attraction – without any hype or spin.

So, if you are new to attracting then the first question you may have is simply – what is the law of attraction?

A Simple Definition

As a basic definition the law of attraction can be defined as:

Your thoughts dictate your reality. Whatever you think about you attract into your life – whether you want to or not.

This sounds a little far out, but it has its roots in logic, and can be seen in all areas of everyday life. We will now quickly go into things a little deeper and give a proper introduction to the law of attraction and manifestation.

One Consciousness?

The underlying concept behind the law of attraction is that we are all part of the same consciousness or that we are all connected to each other, all things in the world and the whole universe.

We are all the same thing in terms of energy – we all belong to the universal energy system. By focusing our thoughts, and directing our intention in one direction we send our thoughts out into the universe – where they are received and sent back to us as manifestations. Simply put, we attract into our life whatever we think about.

Now, if you have just thought of a pink elephant and wonder why it isn’t already in your living room, the explanation is simple: your thoughts don’t manifest right away, they need to be focused and empowered by a strong emotion and the belief that what you’re thinking about is going to manifest.

Some Everyday Examples

Here are a few examples of the law of attraction at work:

  • One easy example of this is that positive people attract – you guessed it, other positive people. No one wants to be around aggressive, negative, or angry people, and yes these people attract more of the same too. However, positive people attract other happy people to them. People want to be around them and the positivity spreads, and bounces between people.
  • Another example is when you are thinking of buying a new car. You get your mind set one on particular brand and type. All of a sudden you see the car everywhere. You see adverts for it, you see it driving past you in the street etc. your thoughts are manifesting this car in your life.
  • Finally, have you ever experienced the phenomenon where you are thinking about a friend or a family member and then the phone rings – and they are on the end of the line? Or perhaps you bumped into an old friend in the street just after thinking of them?

These are all natural examples of the LoA in your everyday life. However, the idea is to take this one step further – not just to think positively, but to really focus on things you want to bring into your life – really focus on that new job, the new girlfriend, even attracting money into your life.

Core Principles for Success

This is just a basic introduction, and we have many more resources to guide you step by step, but to help you get started straight away here are some basic principles:

  1. Know exactly what you want – including any specific details.
  2. Focus your thoughts and ask the universe for it – the simple phrase “I am attracting ___ into my life” is fine.
  3. Act as if you own it: Imagine how you would feel and behave if the item was already yours.
  4. Believe 100% that you will receive it and open your mind to accept it into your life.

The Law of attraction works, with or without you believing in it: what you think about the most, where your energy is focused, is what your reality will consist of. If you are a happy, positive person whose glass is always half full, you will keep attracting positive things into your life. On the other hand, if you constantly see the negative side of things, if you feel that everything wrong is happening to you – then that’s the reality you’re creating for yourself, and everything wrong will continue to happen to you.

Law of Attraction is, in a way, a magic wand – it puts everything in your hands. But to use it properly, you have to change the way you think, and it’s not a small change. If you have spent your entire life believing that you’ll never have enough money, or that you’re not worthy of finding your soul mate, it will require a lot of work, a lot of real effort to change that.

That’s why this website exists: to help you understand how it is that you’re manifesting things that appear in your life, and how you can influence it and become the master creator of your reality. It probably sounds a bit far out – but as you read about it, you will find that many people are already doing it, regular people like you and me. And here’s some science behind it:

Science and the Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction is more of a spiritual than physical concept, so not many scientists are actually trying to prove or argue it. However, some LoA authors have found a way to use some scientific studies to support the concept of manifestation.

Science today, especially Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics (parts of Physics that deal with the extremely small particles) realizes that everything, every single cell and every inanimated object, consists of the strings of energy that vibrate in different patterns  – and here’s what it has to do with the Law of attraction:

Science (…) now realizes that the strings of energy come in two different shapes: a “U’ shape, and a “straight line” shape. The “U” shape imbeds itself into the cell, and this is what tells the cell to turn into a baby’s heart cell, or a baby’s liver cell, or a frog, or a penguin, or a tree! The straight line string wraps itself through the “U” shaped string (…), through magnetic attraction (of the Electro Magnetic Field), UNTIL YOU, through your thoughts and choice, cause that straight string to fly out through your cells, and further out from your body, and out of your energy field, into the universe, to accomplish something or other! So, literally, your strings obey your thoughts, and fly out to attract strings that are wobbling and wiggling in the same pattern! (Dr Janeen J. Detrick)

The author of the best-selling “The Science Behind the Law of Attraction”, Srinivasan Pillay, explains how the brain actually conforms in its function to the Law of Attraction – he explains that the scientists have recently discovered that a set of so called “mirror neurons”  causes people and some animals to mirror the actions of others, and not only actions – the brain is capable of “mirroring” the emotions as well (fear that we see on someone else causes us to feel fear ourselves), which is, according to him, the evidence that we attract the emotions of others to ourselves because our brains are connected (which is in line with the concept of “one consciousness”). And he goes on:

The brain regions involved in “intention” are very connected to those regions involved in action. As a result, firing up those brain regions involved in intention will start to fire up your action centers. Intention needs to be strong enough for action to occur. Also, when you place your attention on a certain feeling (e.g. pain), it can worsen that feeling.

You can choose to give it a try, or not – but it doesn’t hurt 🙂 If you’re ready to dive deeper into manifesting, you can start with our Core LoA principles that will guide you through the basics, and also read about how it all works in more detail. Good luck, and happy manifesting!

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