Nov 152013

Sick and tired, frustrated perhaps, of listening all the time how you should visualize in order to manifest what you want? You know that this visualization thing must be great, but you’re just not able to do it, or to do it consistently?

Don’t be desperate – not all of us are visual types and the universe has provided us with more to work with ūüėČ

How You Can Get Around Visualization and Still Be a Successful Manifestor

We talk so much about visualization as it’s probably one of the most effective tools for successful manifesting: presenting something to our mind in the form of an image is the simplest way to “persuade” it that the image is true… for those who have no trouble with visualization.

But visualization is still merely a tool – it’s not required in order for us to be able to attract what we want and to receive it. It simply helps us to achieve certain vibration, and there are other equally effective ways to do it:

1. Have You Tried Meditation?

Meditation teaches us how to slow down our thoughts, helping us to line up with who we are (what Abraham call “Vortex”, and what some LoA authors call “essence”, “presence” etc).

When you manifest from this place (whatever you decide to call it), your vibration gets easily aligned with the vibration of that which you want to attract – simply because it’s getting you closer to your natural state, which is one of happiness and well-being. When you’re in this state (or close to it) you’re doing only the things that don’t prevent you from living this peaceful reality.

And meditative techniques help us to reach this state and calmness of thoughts.

Meditation doesn’t need to be complicated, you could start with 5-minute breathing exercises in the morning and see if that’s enough, or you could try guided meditation which incorporates meditative techniques and visualization that you’re being guided through by someone else.

2. Create a Vision Board

For some people regularly looking at their vision boards can really have an incredible effect on reinforcing the feelings they want to achieve; for others it can have no effect at all, but almost everyone can get into a higher vibrational state during the process of creating a vision board.

Look for the images and words that really describe what you want, that deeply resonate with you, not just¬†some¬†images that more or less accurately represent your desires. In the process of looking for the¬†right¬†images and words, you’ll be able to get a clearer idea of what it is¬†exactly¬†that you want, and¬†why exactly¬†you want it.

Let the creation of your vision board last for a few days if that’s how long it will take for you to find the right items; it will keep you focused and excited, creating a powerful positive vibration within you.

3. Play Pretend

Just like when you were a kid – remember?

If you can’t visualize your success, then act it out! You can do it by yourself (it might seem silly at first, but you’ll get the hang of it) or you can invite friends and do it together.

Think about your goal and imagine that you’ve already accomplished it and then declare: “I’m a successful business owner for two years now” or “I’ve just sold my 2,000th Mercedes” – or whatever it is that represents success to you.

If you want to go wild, you can do it the Jack Canfield style – here’s what he suggests:

Host your own¬†Come-as-You‚Äôll-Be-Party! Invite your friends to come to a gathering where they’ll come as the person they’ll be five years from now, when they have achieved their goals. Encourage them to bring props and to dress up – you’ll do it as well – and then spend the entire evening celebrating your success, bragging about your accomplishments and talking about how great you’re feeling now that you have achieved what you wanted.

Just watch for any sign of resistance: if you catch yourself telling how hard you worked to get where you are, or anything that reflects the obstacles that you “had” to overcome, then change the script and just talk about how easy it was and how great you’re feeling now.

Got any new ideas? ūüôā

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