Mar 242014

OK, we talk all the time about how when things are going bad you should switch focus in order to start sending and receiving good energy. Here are some examples of people who did exactly that: when faced with bad situations they didn’t get depressed, they weren’t afraid to face the world.

Here’s what they did instead (warning: some of these are simply… funny!):

How do you turn a shattered windshield  into a great photo?

How to make the most out of a hospital stay?

You’d think that a tornado hitting your house is a really bad thing. Not this guy!

When you don’t get a snow day – make your own!

They keep rear-ending you? Here’s what to do:

Tired of blonde jokes? Make your own:

Got caught sleeping in an interview? Save your reputation Morgan Freeman style!

So proud of your boyfriend that you just trashed someone else’s car? No problem!

Recently divorced with three kids? Tough one. But still…

When your phone screen cracks…

What’s your recipe for making the most out of a bad situation?

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