Mar 302014

Dexter, a 7 year-old, wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

He probably never heard about the Law of Attraction – but kids are intuitive and they don’t need much to follow their dreams, they just need you not to negate them.

If you wanted to be an astronaut, what would you do? You would focus on that thought, you’d be visualizing yourself flying to the other planets, you’d work hard on being positive about your manifestation.

Dexter did that intuitively: he wrote a letter to NASA!

He acted upon his dream. And his desire must have been very strong (or some good folks at NASA understood the importance of not ruining his dream) – he received a wonderful letter from them!

Here are both letters:

After receiving this letter, you can bet that he’ll stay focused and motivated to work on fulfilling his dream!

Are you willing to act upon yours?

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