Welcome to The Law Of Attraction Library!


We are the worlds largest free resource for law of attraction and manifestation articles and information. We have been passionate about this topic for a long time and we want to:

  1. Share our experience, knowledge and passion for manifestation and the mind and show you how to do it… but we want to go beyond this.. way beyond this and..
  2. Build an actual “Library” online – specifically of law of attraction information; listing all authors and books (and summarizing their content and lessons so you can get a heads up if it is for you or not) as well as categorizing our site in both a simple way, yet offering a deep amount of information about manifesting in all key areas and all methods – we are your ultimate resource!

Our site is structured so that you can find the information you want from a hierarchy of focused categories covering different methods of manifestation, simple exercises you can learn to do at home, real peoples experiences with attracting, as well as specific areas of manifesting.

All this means that whether you are a complete newbie wanting to know what is the law of attraction, or in the middle of your journey seeking more law of attraction tips, guides, techniques, discussion and information, then we have information you can cut right to and add to your own education!

Why This Site Is Different

Olden style librrayOur site is written not with one particular method or school of thought as the focus.

We are a library – libraries aren’t biased to one particular school of thought or political stance – they just present the information so that you can educate yourself. And so do we, except we focus solely on manifestation and attraction.

We believe there are many paths to manifestation success – yes there are some core principles, but we are all different and what might work for one person might need a little adjusting for someone else, while you might have a different way of looking at things altogether and require a different approach to find success.

We also share articles and interviews from some of the worlds leading experts on manifestation – this website really isn’t just one perspective of what has worked for one person, it is a positive discussion of the different possibilities and pathways you can try on your manifesting journey. And because of this we are confident you will find something which works for you – to change your life and manifest a lifestyle of your choice!

Get Started Here!

Lady looking excited carrying books out of a libraryHere are our key categories, there is no particular place you need to start from as we realize manifesting is now a mainstream term, so perhaps one or more area will just peak your interest and give you food for thought:

Whatever your level of experience we have something for you.. all 100% free.

The law of attraction doesn’t have to be a myth, a fantasy or a dream. We want to share our knowledge with you and help you to achieve your dreams too. We have gained so much from acquiring a success mindset, a mindset focused on attraction and abundance that we want to share this information publicly.