May 032014

There is one thing you are completely in control of, even when you aren’t aware of it: what you choose to believe. You can choose what to give attention to and what to ignore, you can work on strengthening the beliefs that benefit your personal development and the path you’ve chosen and to diminish, even completely eliminate the beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals.

For example, you can believe that you have to work for peanuts for the rest of your life, or you can believe that you’re entitled to great riches. The belief you choose to hold and nurture will directly influence your attitude towards money, your motivation and the amounts you’ll be able to make – if you limit yourself to peanuts, then you’ll get no more than peanuts.

Some beliefs hold you back even without you being aware of it – they limit your potential so that you don’t aspire for more, because you don’t even see the possibility to have more. Some are making you focused on the negativity and preventing you from manifesting great things – so let’s see which beliefs you have to acquire, or to strengthen, to support a positive outlook on life.

1. There Are No Bad Experiences. There Are Only Lessons.

There sure are situations in life that make it really hard to see the bright side, but if you obsess over them and don’t let yourself detach they will become all you see. When things go wrong don’t focus on it – view the current experience as a lesson, see what you can take from it and move on.

Good things often fall apart so better things can fall together. If you don’t learn from your mistakes and bad experiences you will keep having them until you learn – so cut the process and see what you can learn right away. This will help you to become emotionally detached from them and to get out of the dark place faster.

2. You Are Free to Be the Only Person You’re Supposed to be – You

How often do you find yourself comparing to others? How many labels have you imposed to yourself: a super-mom, a business mage, a good son, a devoted wife… Is that who you really are? If you’re stressed out about maintaining that vision of yourself in front of yourself and others – than it’s not who you really are and that is not what you really want to be.

Don’t let the labels and expectations of others govern your life. Investigate who is that wonderful person who is playing these roles right now and work on making that person as authentic as possible.

If you manage to be the super-mom in the process – that’s great! But it’s also OK to be a good mom. As long as you’re true to yourself, you can’t be bad in anything that matters – you just need to discover what really maters to you.

3. You Don’t Have to Hold On to What’s Holding You Back

You are what you choose to become, not what has happened to you. Your past experiences don’t define your future, and you’re the only person who can limit your potential or let it grow undisturbed.

Also, anything that no longer helps you to grow – it’s OK to walk away from it. It really is. Even when it means that you have to leave others hanging – if they needed you to stay above the water, then you’re actually doing them a favor by letting them finally find their own way. You’re not doing anyone a favor by sacrificing yourself.

4. Your Happiness Is Inside YOU

As long as you seek happiness and peace in others, as long as you keep waiting for the perfect situation to be happy – you will always be chasing after your dreams. The imagined future will always stay imagined, you will always be waiting for it to happen and you will miss all the moments where you actually were happy, or could have been if only you allowed yourself to feel them.

Listen to yourself, feel the moments that you’re living right now and allow yourself to be happy. Choose to have a positive outlook on life and acknowledge all the things you can be grateful for – right now. Stop turning to others to give you peace of soul – they can’t give it to you, it’s not their job to. It’s yours. So do it!

Do you have any other positive belief that you’d like to add to this list?

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