Mar 302014

There aren’t many things that can put a smile on one’s ace like the stories about random acts of kindness. They prove that there are great people out there, ready to do help others without being asked for and without any kind of compensation.

Here are 4 such stories to make your day:

A Good Morning Note

A bad night for this guy resulted with sleeping in his car.

When he woke up he found this note along with – a lunch:

Wasn’t this a super incredible act?

Someone Hit His Car and Left

You know how awful it is when someone hits your car without giving you their insurance information. It happened to this guy – he wasn’t there and the person who hit him didn’t bother to stay or to leave any kind of note.

Luckily someone else was there. This good Samaritan saw what happened and grabbed the license plate number, leaving the note on the car that was the victim of the hit and run:

Here’s Your Key

A girl lost her car keys on a hike. You can imagine how she felt, the hike was ruined and she had no way to go home.

She was searching for them for hours until she finally gave up and went to her car. And this note was waiting for her there:

Yes, he spent the time to locate her car… and didn’t steal it 🙂

This One Caused a Wonderful Chain of Events

Alyssa O’Neill suffered from epilepsy her entire life. She died when she was 18.

Her parents were so shocked by the seizure that took her life that they were unable to fulfill her final wish while she was alive. So they decided to honor her memory and to fulfill it in a non-ordinary way.

Her final wish was for a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. So they bought 40 strangers pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks with  their daughter’s initials (AJO) written on the cups – to remind people that kindness should be spread.

This act started a chain of events that would influence countless people: after the baristas saw what they did, they bought another 50 lattes for customers, and soon the AJO acts of kindness were spreading everywhere, from free coffee to restaurant bills.

People were spreading kindness in Alyssa’s name, just asking that others spread the same kindness on.

Alyssa wanted to be a nurse and help other people with her condition, so the O’Neill family kept honoring her memory in another way, by raising awareness of epilepsy. They created the scholarship fund called the AJO Forever Fund to help families of children with epilepsy.


Do you practice random acts of kindness?

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