Jan 152017
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The world of medicine is changing. As we learn more about effective ancient medicines and become increasingly disillusioned with modern medicine, most of us are seeking alternative methods for healing that are natural, non-invasive, pose fewer side effects and are even a little more radical.

Humans collectively understand more and more that energy is all around us and that we can manipulate it with our vibrations. That is, after all, how the law of attraction works too.

In our modern world we are dealing with new and debilitating health issues every day. From stress caused by highly-demanding work environments to anxiety about finances and other daily issues.

For so many years we have been popping pills on request in the hope that it will ‘fix’ the problem entirely, without looking at the longer term causes and and all-natural methods that can help to resolve issues on a more long-term basis.

Some of these new remedies have been taking the world by storm with more sufferers growing a distrust for traditional medicines, but you still won’t find them in your local pharmacy or recommended by your doctor… yet. But they all have one common denominator – all of them play with energy to help people heal.

Here are the 5 alternate healing methods that use the same principles that LoA is based on.

1. Bioresonance.

aura of our body

The first therapy to look out for is called Bioresonance therapy (BRT). Also known as bicom, the therapy is a gentle treatment that uses the physics of the body, rather than the biochemistry used to create formal medicines.

The process helps reduce the toxin load within the body so it can actually fix itself, and has been effective in helping to treat stress, which can often be a contributing factor in contracting environmental illnesses and coughs and colds.

The treatment is based on the idea that all substances, including cells in the body, emit electromagnetic waves – or energy – or vibrations. A bicom machine is used to detect the patterns of these waves and separate them into healthy and unhealthy waves.

It then boosts the healthy waves and sends them back into your body to strengthen the body’s existing healthy cells, while the unhealthy waves are deflected using an electronic mirror circuit, which reduces their negative effects on the body.

2. Sound therapy.

Sound therapy has existed in various forms for thousands of years as part of indigenous cultures across Asia and Central and South America, with the aim of rebalancing the body’s lack of harmony.

Focusing on the meridians of your body, sound therapy is a treatment process that uses percussion, meditation and massage to heal the body. The sound vibrations alongside the physical massage has benefits for the digestive system as well as evoking relaxation.

The sound waves are said to benefit your brain, as well as ear-related problems, by listening to a filtered music that has been designed to stimulate the brain and auditory system.

The diverse tones in the music have been formulated to activate your neuronal connections and enhance your brain’s performance. The treatment can also help with stress, anxiety, dizziness and vertigo, communication problems and insomnia.

3. Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organ Chi Massage.

woman getting a massage

Chi Nei Tsang, or CNT, is a centuries-old Chinese healing therapy that calls on the Chinese belief that all of our emotions are stored in our organs. The goal is to improve the patient’s physical and emotional health through gentle abdominal massage that helps to train the internal abdominal organs.

Chi Nei Tsang literally means the ‘working energy of the internal organs’ and is practiced under the belief that bad ’emotional digestion’ is the cause of many illnesses and bad health in general. The massage releases any emotional or physical blockages, and while it can be a little painful the results are incredible and can help to relieve constipation, anxiety and stress.

Note: Chi Nei Tsang should only be practiced by a qualified Chi Nei Tsang practioner.

4. Sunlight and light therapy.

woman enjoying sunlight on her face

One of the most natural remedies that exists on planet earth is the sun. While too much sun and not using the right precautions when under the rays can be bad for you, it can also be an extremely effective healing resource that we cannot exist without.

In fact, many illnesses can be induced by a lack of the sun’s rays, including heart disease, bowl disease, cancer, arthritis and depression. Controlled exposure to the sun can improve your health quickly and dramatically.

For those who are unsure about how often and when they should enjoy the sun and the vibrations it puts out, you can either seek advice from a professional sun therapist or opt for phototherapy, also known as light therapy, which uses ultraviolet light to treat SAD and other forms of depression in a controlled environment.

5. Chakra Rearrangement.

7 major chakras

An ancient system native to Indian culture, Chakra healing is based on Ayurvedic techniques that singles out seven areas that are said to be responsible for different parts of your body and in turn different emotional and health states.

When these ‘Chakras’ are out of line they can cause health imbalances across your body, and so Chakra Rearrangement or Realignment is a treatment that works to rebalance your Chakras and bring calmness to your body.

Chakra healers use techniques such as reflexology, yoga, breathing exercises and visualisations in their rearrangement processes, and the process can be good for insomnia sufferers, those dealing with stress, detoxification treatment and in getting over trauma.

No matter which healing technique you preffer to use, always keep in mind that everything is based on energy and vibrations. Pick the ones you invite into your life wisely.

Happy manifesting!

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