Jul 202014

When you stop and ask yourself what it is that you really want, what is your answer?

More money? No, that’s not what you really want. Dig deeper, why do you want more money?  Or more friends, or perfect romantic partner or…?

Deep down, when you analyze why you want the things you think you want, you will probably come to the conclusion that all you really want is to feel good.

And that can mean that you’re seeking in the wrong places. Just maybe 🙂 So here are 7 ways and at least a few of them you will be able to use to feel good and bring more happiness into your life.

Then perhaps you’ll understand that you don’t nee more money or a bigger house, or whatever it is you think you need.

1. Embrace who you are

There’s nothing wrong with how you look and how you feel.

That being said, you should always work on improving yourself – not because others will think you’re more good looking or smart, but because you’ll feel happier and fulfilled.

But you, just as you are, have a purpose in this world, and you won’t discover that purpose by feeling sorry for yourself or comparing yourself to others. Quiet own your mind, take some time for yourself and discover who you are and in which areas you really want to improve. Then you’ll be on the right path.

2. Set goals in life

If you have no goals, you won’t get anywhere. It’s as simple as that. If you want to make your life meaningful, stop settling for less than you desire and set the goals so high that they will inspire you to move further than you ever thought was possible.

Make sure your goals are really yours, not something you think you should strive for because society or your parents told you so.

Then go for it.

3. Take action

When you decide what your goals are, then take action towards achieving them. Don’t get caught in the trap of forever imagining what your life would be like if only… If your vision is clear and your goals resonate with you, then the universe will give you the chance to achieve them.

Don’t let that chance pass you by. It’s your life, no one will do it for you.

4. Some things are uncomfortable, accept that!

The process of personal growth is often an unpleasant experience – you will have to deal with the things about you you don’t quite like, you will sometimes feel like you’re walking in dark, sometimes it will feel lonely. But keep in mind that each of these experiences will ultimately help you grow.

So embrace the unpleasant, it’s there for a reason.

5. Choose your sources

Are you watching one news channel on TV, buying one newspaper all the time, hanging with same (mostly negative) people?

Perhaps it’s time to change your sources of information and people around you. In fact, try to read, watch and listen only the things that totally inspire you. Find some great motivational personal development books, some inspirational movies to watch and great people to hang with (you probably know one or two for starters, dare to approach them!).

Change the input you give your mind. You can be so much more than you are now, but if your brain food is low quality, your life will follow.

Give yourself the best chance for success and happiness!

6. Give

There’s no better feeling than giving. Give a random stranger a smile, give someone you love a small present, volunteer or coach people.

Share what you have, it feels amazing – and it’s an instant way to become happier, as the smile or hug that you’ll receive will feel so amazing!

7. Learn from others, but follow your heart

Don’t let anyone make your decisions for you or influence you so that you stop following the path your heart is pointing you at, but be open to listen to what they have to say. You probably know more than you think you do about some things, and less then you think you do about other things – so be open, but be you.

If you decide so, you can choose to be happier right now. Do you agree?

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